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  1. Ok, I have not performed this effect, this is a review based on watching the dvd, constructing the gimmick, and practicing the effect.

    DVD and Teaching: In a way, I was very dissappointed with the DVD for this effect. It is short. Very short. There are no street performances on the DVD and there is only one in studio performance. To me, it feels like the DVD was thrown together very quickly and it also feels like Theory 11 assumed everyone who was buying the DVD had watched the David Blaine special. This DVD covers the very basics of how to construct the gimmick and perform the effect. If you are an experienced magician you will not have a problem with this. However, if you are a beginner this DVD will not explain enough for you to do this trick properly.

    The Gimmick: The gimmick was very easy to construct. Some of the supplies are different than the ones shown on the DVD but you get a nice little card explaining in text what you need to do. I had no problem with it and I am by no means a master at Arts and Crafts. Once you get it constructed, it works great.

    Performance Thoughts: This effect can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. If you stick with what is on the DVD it is fairly easy to perform but in my personal opinion, not very deceptive at all. If you have some magic experience it will be easy to turn this into a real stunner with a couple of basic sleights. The effect does require some pocket space and some pocket work but if you know a little bit about magic it will not be hard. One thing that I did not like is that you absolutely have to use the supplied materials. Do not expect to be able to borrow anything and perform this effect. What they send you is what you need.

    Afterthoughts: I view this as more of a utility than a single effect. The concept used for Exile can be applied to many different things if you use your imagination. No doubt, you could find a ton of things to apply this concept too. It is a great effect, unfortunately I do not feel that the DVD gives beginners enough advice or instruction to make it as great as it could be. I will not carry this around with me on a daily basis but I will perform it regularly. Overall I would give it a 8/10.
  2. Nice review dude, and welcome.

  3. Welcome to the forums! We do feel the DVD is more than inclusive. Keep in mind, simplicity is the beauty of this effect - it's elemental.

    Nonetheless, if there's something you're unsure of feel free to email or PM any theory11 crew member (including myself) for assistance. Hope to see some more eXile reviews here soon.
  4. Nice review i suppose
    Im just confused on how there is a review so quickly
    I barley got my confermation this morning

    hopefully i dont need any coin sleights i suck at them
  5. sweet it is nice to know the gimmick is easy to make and is quite sturdy that is what i was most worried about.

    but when you say it is not that deceptive do you mean not deceptive to a spectator or to another magician because i would say that is quite deceptive.
  6. Thanks Jon. Its nice to see a board where the officials actually respond to your threads instead of just shut them down when they disagree with you. I agree this is a simple trick but I think a few basic slights could have been taught better and perhaps a way to make the effect examinable should have been taught on the DVD. As I said for an experienced magician it will not be hard to do this but I feel that a beginner may have some problems.
  7. To Ninja:

    I feel that if you perform it exactly the way it is taught on the DVD it is not deceptive enough for the spectators to not want to examine the coin and the pen. When it does get to that point, I like for everything to be nice, clean, and examinable. With the way this effect is taught on the DVD it isn't. I know some people will say, "If you know how to manage your audience you won't have to let them examine it and they will still be blown away." I agree, but I still like to leave them there with everything I used in their hands and their minds in my hands. This can easily be made fully examinable with a few basic sleights. And I feel that as easy as it would be to make this examinable they should not have looked over it on the DVD. It would have taken 5-10 minutes to teach.
  8. Thanks for the review! Very informative, though maybe a performance description would have been nice. I would think that it would have been nice to include David's performance, in any case; I've been wanting to see it again. (If anyone has a link, it would be appreciated) Can't wait for mine to come!
  9. Would it be obvious to a intelligent spectator? The guy Blaine performed it for had the i.q of like 12, so would this be able to fool someone who's pretty sharp?
  10. You will fool YOURSELF performing it - it looks remarkably deceptive. The X's are there - they can rub them and feel them - and then they instantly, visually, beautifully vanish. It's one of those effects that you'll want to practice again and again in the mirror because it looks so frickin' cool.

    It's important to note that there is an alternate handling taught in the DVD as a bonus that is arguably even more powerful than the original presentation - that does not use a quarter at all.
  11. LOL! Now, now, let's not stereotype. I'm sure it's somewhere closer to the 70 range.

    That's terrible.

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