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  1. So I finally got Exile today. I watched it.
    (just to let you know, this is my first EVER review, so don't hate on me if it's not all too perfessional, but I will try.) :p

    So of course the quality of the DVD is amazing, just like all Theory11 DVDs and videos. 10/10

    Ok so, this DVD is FREAKISHLY short! It's only 12 minutes long! You only see 1 studio performance, no street performances. They don't really get into depth of how to present yourself and audience manegment. Pretty much, they show a performance, then the gimmicks, then how to use the gimmicks in 12 min. Which was pretty disapointing. 5/10

    The gimmicks themselves are pretty amazing but disapointing at the same time. I love how creative it is and how out of the box the idea is, BUT I was kinda hoping that it was a little more improptu than that. But I do like it so: 8/10

    Overall: over all I give this whole DVD about a 7/10. I love the effect, it's amazing but I would've really liked to see more detail. Love the HD video. Gimmick was pure genius but kinda disapointing as well.

    So I hope you all enjoyed my first review!!! :D

  2. Very well written review. With regard to the overall effect, however, keep in mind that while it's fun and refreshing to see and use a super cool gimmick like that of eXile, that part of the magic is what's behind the curtain.

    An analogy would be like a movie set. In the theater, you only see Iron Man and the cool, smooth, flashy effects, but behind the scenes, it's not so glamorous. Hours and hours of not-so-glamorous CGI work, stunt doubles, and hard labor on the part of a huge crew. What counts is how it looks to a spectator - that's the real magic - and that's where eXile (both versions taught in the DVD) shines.

    Enjoy it and be sure to let us know how your first performances result!
  3. true. very well put.
  4. what is the "white thing" and where can i buy it ?
    i don't understand what is the video say.
  5. Nice analogy Katie.

    - EyeOfDeception

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