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    Hey everyone! I want to get your opinions about our newly re-launched version of Exposé, but first I'd like to introduce myself as the newest member of the Theory11 interactive team. Who the heck is Rob Anderson?? Glad you asked :). I started doing magic when I was 5, and have learned under names such as Jeff McBride and Denny Haney. The two live shows you can see me performing are my own comedy magic show, and my Criss Angel parody show, which I recently won an award for in Las Vegas as the "Rising Star" in the field of celebrity impersonation. I love creating parodies of basically everything, and in 2010, my "magic tutorial parody" of Mike Hankins' Harbor Change (see here) spawned the first Theory11 Saturday Night Contest involving fake exposure videos. More recently, I've created funnier and more recognized fake exposure videos here, here and here. Ok, enough about me!

    Earlier today, we launched the first episode of our new and improved weekly show, Exposé. First, if you haven't seen it, definitely go take a look: Exposé 2.0. Our goal for the show is to entertain and inform, and give you an inside look at what is going on not just at Theory11 but in the world of magic. My own goal for my segment of the show is to bring you hilarious "exposure" parodies, informative interviews with the top names in magic, and to go out and perform ridiculous magic tricks for people while incorporating various funny objects or words of your choosing. Help us out! I'd love to know the following:

    1. What did you think of the new show, and what would you like to see more of? Besides Christen :)
    2. What funny word or random object would you like to see me use in a street magic performance for random spectators? (As in, while doing a card routine, for some reason i'm randomly eating a grilled cheese sandwich, for no reason. Or, I have to use the word "banana hammock" 6 times in under 2 minutes)
    3. Who would you like me to interview, and what would you ask them?

    Our goal is to make this as much of an interactive show as possible, and have you assist us in the direction we take with the show. Very excited to hear your comments and suggestions!
  2. Oh you're working for Theory11 interactive now? Congratz!

    1) The new show looks great. I think it was worth the wait.
    2) I would would like to see you use an old porcelain doll and failing that, a child's doll of some type. Creepier the better.
    3) Honestly man I am not the person to ask about interviews, as I can usually care less about who says what and why, BUT I would find it useful if you got a hold of Jamie Grant and get him to talk about the art of inspiration, or being inspired, and where he gets his inspiration from. Or if you really want extra points Joel Bauer on the subject of booking trade shows. What to do, how to do it, what to expect, payment, blah.

    Congrats once again man. Looking forward to seeing some good things from you and the rest of the team.
  3. Also while I'm here, I know you guys talk about upcoming product launches but seriously If you guys aren't doing product reviews then you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Perhaps a learn a trick project where someone takes a new product that's coming out, learns it, and performs it in the time it takes to produce a new segment of the show, and then reviews it based upon their performing experiences? yes/no?
  4. I think whenever there are new releases, whether it be a dvd, download, or a deck, have a segment with the artist. It would be interesting to hear their thoughts on the work. Decks would be interesting to hear about.
  5. When you announce new products, don't be so vague
  6. interview designers for decks or cardists
  7. 1. The show looks really great, it looks very professional with all the input from the other people on the crew. Contests are always great, but I really want to see videos like the magic con footage, the heros of the wire and live performances from the theory11 team.
    2. You should do nothing but card tricks with Pokemon cards the whole day
    3. You should interview Michael Webber, Derek Delgadio, Jamy Ian Swiss, Lennart Green, Dani Daortiz, David Williamson,Derren Brown, Banachek, David Berglas and David Copperfield. I realize most of these are pipe dreams but I'd like to hear about their ideas of magic theory.
  8. Perhaps some interviews with some popular wire artist.
  9. I think this could be a sweet way of showcasing up-and-coming Wire effects. +1
  10. Thanks William! I'm stoked to be a part of the team; great things are on the way! I'm loving everyone's ideas; thank you all for the input. I'm going to discuss with JB and the rest of the Exposé team soon, and we're going to start putting together some rad ideas for the upcoming episodes of the show. Keep the input coming!
  11. things I'd like to see:

    1. Use of the word "sassy" in a performance multiple times
    2. perform a sleight-heavy card trick after rubbing your hands in oil, bacon grease, or lard
    3. perform a torn and restored card with unnecessary sound effects
    4. go into a crowded area and do the macarena (its not magic related, but I think that would be hilarious)
    5. do a card trick while its raining or very windy (or a combo of both)
  12. Or a mission impossible where you do a trick in extreme conditions as a challenge or experement. Ie: bizarre for a church group or card tricks for kindergardners or get a girls number by using a magic trick etc.
  13. I think the show is a lot better and everyone is so much more mature but could you brighten the background up a bit
    Perform something with a burger
    I think it would be cool if you interviewed someone who has had one of the most popular tricks on the wire via Skype phone or even in real life
  14. Have you seen the 'phone number trick' I close my lectures on? I'll have to show you on skype - It's the greatest effect ever known to man. ;)

    I thought the new Exposé episode was great - Nice to have lots of different faces and made it a quick fire info/entertainment burst!


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