Extortion by Patrick Kun vs Money by LLYOD Barnes

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  1. Hi everyone! So there are two new money tricks that are being released on the market relatively around the same time. They are available for pre-order. I am a huge fan of patrick's and have been waiting on this bill trick for a while as I have seen it on his lecture. Money by llyod barnes however, looks great as well. They both are done at the fingertips! I think patrick's looks slightly more "move-less" meaning that you really don't see any moves at all. But Llyod barnes's has many different variations to go about changing the bill. So I really want some opinions on which is better. They both show all sides of the bill immediately after the change is done. So what are really the pro's and cons, they are so similar! I love them both but am only buying one, I might go with patricks just because I have been supporting him forever. Please share your opinions I would love to hear them! :) Oh I forgot to mention in money by lloyd barnes, there is a version that happens in the spectators hand that they do the bill change themselves! Thats pretty crazy to me! But PK is the man.

    Extortion- http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S18622

    Money- http://www.ellusionist.com/money-by-lloyd-barnes.html
  2. hey blinddeception,

    In my honest opinion from watching both trailers i would pick money by Lloyd Barnes.

    The reason why though is for my self i like to work with angels and crowed control more then my handling of gimmicks or cards or any small object. With that said i can be very very wrong but it looks like patrick's version is more of handling the bill perfectly to pull off the trick while Barnes looks more of sticking your spectator in the perfect position to fool them.

    So if your good at handling (which if your a big fan of patricks and know some of his tricks you should be.) then Patricks is a nice choice and wont be too much of a change for you.

    But if your better with crowed control and using your angels greatly to your advantage then Barnes might be a better choice.

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck!
  3. Both tricks are extremely great. MONEY BY LLOYD BARNES is a bit more expensive that Extortion. Which is logical because on the preview video there were a lot of different application with it.

    My Recommendation is Money
  4. Lol this is hard choice for me. I really would like to support patrick, I wish I could get both, I pre-ordered patricks some time ago, but still I just want opinions and stuff you know. I hope its worth it!
  5. Money can do a much larger number of changes. Different currencies, different size bills, lottery ticket to bill, voucher to bill. Even the Canadian money (which has a window you can actually see through) is no problem.
  6. yea the amount of changes you can do with money is awesome, but PK's looks more clean and move-less to me. This is a very tough decision.
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    I personally think that Extortion looks more visually stunning and with regards to above comments, Patrick did release a video saying that Extortion can be done with different sized notes, though I won't believe it until I see it.

    It's inevitable that they will be compared on one of the popular magic review channels so I guess we will find out about their practicalities in due course.

    I also think it's important for people to know if we have to destroy a bank note to make it.
  8. If you live in the US and are using US bills I would go with extortion. Money look great in the trailer but in his Q&A video it makes a really loud noise that doesn't sound like magic. Though it is true that money is more versatile, i prefer extortion's changes to any of money's. I just think they are more natural looking.
  9. Money is virtually silent. I'm not sure where you're thinking there's a lot of noise. The gimmick doesn't make noise at all, any noise would only come from the bill itself.
  10. I would go with MONEY.

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