Extravagance In Our Cards

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  1. i would rather get a life supply of tallys with that money...
  2. me too!!

  3. Id rather not get any cards and instead get tons of books. Be set for YEARS
  4. I'm with you pal.
  5. That money won't even make a dent in my tuition money... (tears)

    With all that aside... 1500 dollars...? and I thought Jerry's was ridiculous...
    I do want those steel bolted boxes though...
  6. Free shipping though!

    I wonder why this was moved. I'm not reviewing a product. It's more of an incredulous statement.

  7. Hahaha, that is just seriously stupid.
    I feel kind of bad for the poor fellow giving 1500$ for something that only costs around 30$ to produce (metal-case included!!!)

    Am I the only one that thinks these "limited edition-cards" is just nonsense?
    Sorry to say, but I really do think it is pure misuse of ellusionist and theory11's status to be producing 1000 cards, and creating a massive amount of hype about them, just to get their company name out there and make some money..

    I have been wanting to say this for a while, I feel this thread is a good place to get it off my mind.

    I mean, if I had 1000 custom decks made and called them, say, "White Widow", NOBODY would buy them. But when theory11 makes White Centurions, which there is absolutely NOTHING special about, they are sold out within seconds.. I really do think that is to abuse the poor 12-year olds out there, who blindly throws all their money at something just because it says "EXTREMELY RARE LIMITED COOL SPECIAL EDITION" on the product page.

    I am sorry to be saying such a negative thing, but that is honestly how I feel, and I think it is important to state your own opinion without being afraid of what others might think.
  8. Im a card collector, 20 years old and i love everything about cards. Yes the price of cards is a little crazy but think of it this way. Its one of the cheapest hobbies out there. When they say its a limited set, it is limited. I love finding out what makes them different then other decks out there whether its the finish, card stock, ect. USPCC is a wonderful company and everything they make is absolutely great. Those black ghost was the first run of the decks, this will never happen again. This is why they are so rare. Same with the white centorians. Even if you made your "white widow" decks (which is a great name btw ;) ) i would still buy them not because of the site name or its status such as E or 11, its because its from a better company making these sites money. ..USPCC. they have been around for hundreds of years and continue to produce top notch quality decks. This is my reason for collecting and purchasing decks not because of all the hype the sellers produce.

  9. Yeah okay, I definately see what you mean.
    But, I would say you are a rare "exception to the rule" (isn't that sort of a saying?), because you obviously know what you are buying, and do it solely because you collect cards. But think of the younger kids out there, who have barely even perfected their first trick. When they see the line: "extremely rare limited edition", they are immediatly temped to buy the cards, because they so badly want to have something no one else has. They are what I would call "suggestible customers". Because they buy the cards only because it is a limited edition run, and because of what the product description says.
    And what I think is fishy about those limited editions, is the fact that ellusionist and theory11 absolutely COULD have made hundreds of thousends of more.
    But they didn't, becauseeeee????
    - My answer to that questions is because they want to earn some money, get their company name out there, and create a lot of hype, which basically means a lot of increased attention to the sites, which again equals money in the basket.

    I mean lets face it, there IS nothing special about black ghost 1st edition and white centurions, other than the "new" design (which is just different colour rider back and inverted centurion design).
    Even the stock is not different. And if it is, it's so minor changes that even an experienced card-handler wouldn't be able to feel the difference.
    So how is the younger kids going to benefit from a so-called "changed finish", when they already fill up the forums with threads asking wether they should by stingers or tally-ho's?

    From my point of view, it just looks like completely robbery.
    But in your case, of course, it is cool, because you collect cards. I myself like to have some cards displayed on my shelves, even though there is nothing really special about them.
  10. I was actually about to post this EXACT same thing. haha when I saw this I couldn't believe it. People need to realize that things are only worth what people are willing to pay for them.
  11. Hell,if young magicians go crazy for flamboyant pasteboard then im gonna sell some of that crap.
  12. I'm saving 2 unopened decks of Smoke & Mirrors to sell in a few months/year to make a profit. I think I'll sell a plastic deck on the side and make outrageous claims.

    "These rare cards were manufactured by the Formal Association of Kards for Enjoyment (a.k.a. FAKE) and feature a nonexistent finish that is sure to liven up these cards."

    "Dude, at $31,000, that's a steal. And they say that Civic was only 30 grand. That would've been a waste."

    "The lithograph is amazing."

    "When I blind-tested these against Jerry's Nuggets, I picked both."

    Lulz indeed.

  13. I got an idea,
    I should go and get my black tiger decks, color in some of the back with silver and gold sharpie. and sell it for 50 grand; I will be set for college!!
  14. Its amazing what people do for pieces of paper. I collect them because i truly love the history of them, card stocks, finishes, artists, and things like that.

  15. I pity the fool that buys those.
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  17. Thanks brutha.

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