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  1. Hello people! I just want to ask some questions.

    1. Would it be suspicious to your spectators if every bill is new?

    2. Can you really hand out ALL the bills IMMEDIATELY after the change in a NATURAL way?

  2. 1. No.

    2. No idea.

  3. 1. No why ?
    2.he explain how to end clean, no problem
  4. You can't just change the bills and immediately drop them on the table or anything. But the clean up happens very quickly and can be done in a very nature way and then instantly hand them out.
  5. It's explained on the DVD, the problem is that handing out money for examination looks REALLY suspicious and silly. I could se you doing it for friends, but for an actual gig. Just showing the bills on both sides would be the best thing to do, because you don't risk somebody trying to steal your money or anything afterwards.
  6. Okay. So you really can't hand out the bills in a natural way. Thanks!
  7. it is natural and basically instant
  8. it's a very good trick, anyway would you let a stranger touch your five 100 dollars bills ?
  9. If you want to learn a relatively simple bill change go ahead and learn, Bob McCallister's $100 Bill Change. You only change one bill, but, neither of the bills you use are gimmicked in anyway, and as soon as you're done your change you can instantly change it back.

  10. The hand out can be kind of weird, but if you don't call attention to it and just go through the motions naturally and quickly, it flies by every time

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