Extreme Burn Performance Ideas?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by obrienmagic, May 5, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have recently decided to toss EB by Richard Sanders back into my act. For those not familiar I'll post a performance of it below. I want to come up with some kind of presentation idea for this. I want to avoid the classic "This is how magicians make money" plots. If anyone has seen any unique performances involving bill changes to draw inspiration from, I would love to see it!

    Every bill change I have ever seen usually has the same patter. I also will be changing from $1s to $100s then back again. How do I justify the changing them back? So many questions haha HMMMMMM.........

    Extreme Burn Silent Performance
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  2. The way I am performing it now is as follows:

    "I once had someone steal my wallet because they knew I was carrying $500 with me. So I have started disguising my money. Anytime I want I can change the denomination. OR change it back when I need to put it away."
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  3. There is a local shop where they use a similar theme of disguising money. Another potential angle could be inflation - I’m working on some lines to use in my money management presentations at the college for the upcoming Fall semester along these lines. As the rate of inflation has been fairly consistent perhaps there is a point on the table where say $500 today would be equivalent to $5 in the early 1800’s (note: not sure on the accuracy of the year though)

    Maybe there is a tie in there with time travel or something (given how in that book test video you posted you reference Dr Who)....maybe find some old bills to use
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  4. Or a thought of converting money for travel and build EB in as part of a reveal for a larger prediction effect - although maybe that release from this year is better for this theme of exchanging money...
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  5. Love it! I’m playing with the idea of an app on my phone that allows me to do instant bank transfers. Using the “tap” method to make deposits and stuff.
  6. You can make some patter about how you used to perform this until one time a cop was in the audience and he was going to arrest you for counterfeiting currency, so I just went like this(do the move) and just like that the evidence was gone.
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  7. great idea!

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