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  1. Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders

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    The DVD:

    Layout- The layout of this DVD is very easy to follow. It's simple, and the menus are nice.

    Intro- The intro shows the full Extreme Burn demo which can also be seen on Richard's website. Richard then welcomes you and gives you a little history on the effect.

    Creating the Gimmick- Here, Richard shows you step by step how to make the gimmick. He makes one along with you so it is super simple to understand.

    The Changes- In this section, Richard performs and then explains each of the nine changes. He gives more than one full performance for each change.

    Extras- Richard now tells you about using different currencies and magazine clippings. He then talks about spending the money. He teaches you different techniques on how to count the bills depending on what currencies you are using. He then gives you some subtleties on one of the changes.

    Final Thoughts- Richard thanks you for buying this DVD. Then there are credits.


    Richard teaches how to make the gimmick and how to perform each change expertly. He goes with you step-by-step making it super simple. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

    The Gimmick:

    This is the same gimmick as Pat Page's EZ Money with a little something extra. The something extra makes all of the changes easy to do. I only had to add a little something to my gimmick because I already had one made because I used to perform Heiny500 and Slow Burn.

    The Changes:

    Smackdown Change- In this change, Richard show the bills, and sort of tosses them in his hand. They instantly change. This change can be seen in the demo many times. It's my third favorite change.

    Flicker Change- In this change, Richard holds the bills so half of the bills are visible. He then flicks his wrist, and all of the bills change. This can also be seen on the demo. I don't personally like this change, but it does look great.

    Twister Change- This is my second favorite change on the DVD. It's awesome. Richard shows the bills, and slowly twists them around. As they twist, the bill change. This can be seen on the demo.

    Gravity Change- This is a great change, but very similar to Heiny500. Also, this can be accomplished without the special gimmick. This is the second change Richard performs in the RealTime demo video on his site.

    Unfolding Change- This is an okay change, definatly one of the worst on the DVD. It's not very good because the bills need to be folded.

    Vertical Turnover- This change is the same as the Twister Change but done vertically. It's very good for stand-up.

    Instant Change- This is another change that isn't very good. It requires the bills to be folded, and doesn't have the impact the other changes do.

    Slow Burn- This change is awesome. You rub your hands over the bills, and they slowly change. This was a separate DVD, so if you search Slow Burn you should be able to find a demo.

    Underground Change- Here it is. The best change on this DVD. I can't explain it, the bills just change. It's the first change Richard does in his RealTime demo on his site. This change looks a lot better in person than it does on camera. A lot better.

    Extreme Burn vs. Prophet:

    I don't own Prophet, and I don't plan on getting it. You can do the Prophet change using the Extreme Burn gimmick. You can not, however, do the Extreme Burn changes with Prophet. Extreme Burn is a 90 minute DVD with 9 incredible changes. Prophet is a 32 minute DVD with only 2 changes. Which seems like a better deal to you?


    Overall, I give this a 10/10. If real magic was real, this is what it would look like. This is the final word on all multiple bill switches.

    The video is now made of all the changes! The quality is not amazing, but everything is still very easy to see. This is my first time editing a video, and it took a long time. You better like it. Here it is http://youtube.com/watch?v=ri1oOkJ33Nk.

  2. If magic were real, it would also look like prophet. But how can the EB gimmick do prophet and the prophet gimmick can't do EB?
  3. They are not the same gimmick. Extreme Burn comes with something extra which allows for hyper-visual, easy changes. With a small bit of thinking, something very, very similar to Prophet can be accomplished. Prophet doesn't come with the something extra, making the Extreme Burn changes impossible to do with Prophet.
  4. They use almost the same gimmic and you can almost do all the 9 EB changes with Prophet gimmic.
    They both got started with Patricks Page's Easy Money. Gimmicks look a like with many billswitches today.
    What is a better deal now ?
    You'd have to pay extra for mailing the DVD, but here, T11, you can download the DVD for 24.95$
  5. i have prophet and i can tell you that with a little (little) amount modifications you can do everthing that was just shown,

    and everthing on that video made every change extremely (pun intented) obvieous, the only one that did not look obvieos was the underground change but i doesn't matter because i have prophet. and for the underground change it is not nearly as clean as prophet.

    probablly the best thing about this is that it is really easy, i mean really easy. because people say that prophet will take a bit
    more practice then eb, but prophet is like the easiest trick i know besides self working tricks.

    p.s. at the end of the credits was completly usless what did tom ever do to you?
  6. They use almost the same gimmick. Not the same, though. Even if they are both variations on Pat Page's EZ Money, they don't use the exact same gimmick. Extreme Burn comes with something extra.

    You think you can do all the Extreme Burn changes with Prophet? Prove it. Make a video with the 8 changes I did.

    How is Prophet cleaner than the Underground Change? They look EXACTLY the same.
  7. You can do every single effect. That "special something" doesn't matter for 7 of those effects you listed. All those are recycled anyways. The Gravity change is a clone copy of what my friend AND neighbor Karl Hein has been doing for 5 years.
  8. actually i am working on doing eversingle change that is shown right now WITHOUT the little somthing added. and i would post a video but i don't have a camera :(
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    The number of routines alone does not make one DVD a better value than another. Handling, innovation, and discussion are all valid points for value. I'm not sure if one has more than the other (like many, I'm still trying to decide which to get) but just saying, "Extreme Burn has more changes than Prophet!" doesn't mean it's automatically the better buy. It's a fantastic selling point, yes, and is something to consider, but it's not the ultimate reason to pick one DVD over another.

    From what I've seen so far, Prophet looks a lot cleaner and more open, and that's definitely something you should consider too. Also, to be honest, a lot of the changes on Extreme Burn didn't look all that good to me (not that my opinion should be a factor for anyone else, but just saying). The Gravity Change and the Underground Change were the only ones that didn't seem like suspicious maneuvering. Can Prophet do the Gravity Change? If so, I'm sold.

    (Also, agreed: the shot at Tom Isaacson at the end was completely unnessecary. It's not like the guy is some cackling fiend who set out to ruin Extreme Burn's reputation. Both changes are based off of someone else's original change, they just have different handlings and approaches. Why not keep the discussion to the effects and DVDs, rather than slamming the artists?)
  10. yeah guesss what finished i just did every single change that was just shown(every one) yeah it was not hard, but i did have a slight bit of trouble with the smackdown and flicker but thought for i about 10 secs and i got it.

    i'm not trying to prove that prophet is better than eb or vise versa but i am saying that those other 7 and slowburn were just fillers.

    and yes gravity change can be done with prophet it is pretty much self working :D same with the twister and vertical spin it is self working pretty much.

    and just because they look the same does not mean that they are just as clean as eachother, prophets handling makes it look so muck cleaner and open were as eb, i don't know if the gimmick had something to do with it but it seems that you can't show each bill nearly as clean as prophet there in packs to hide something or maybe they aren't but prophet you can show them one at a time front and back.

    and you flashed BIG TIME on slow burn.
  11. I know I flashed. I mentioned the Gravity Change is very similar to Heiny 500. I own Heiny and used to perform it. Now, if you think the Gravity change is a rip-off of Heiny, isn't Prophet a rip-off of Extreme Burn. The variations on the Gravity Change are not Heiny, they looks and work similarly, but are not the same.

    I think there's another reason nobody's making a video of them doing Extreme Burn using Prophet. It's impossible.
  12. Hmm, does it comes with a gimmick or something? I mean does it follow any kind of gimmick in the package? :) Is the gimmick the same as Prophet? I have Prophet and i've been ordering the EB too for some days ago.
  13. Extreme Burn comes with something extra that makes all the changes possible.
  14. and that means that EB is different than Prophet? :)
  15. i just figured out how to do everchange with prophet i thought i mentioned that in my last post? it is not impossible in the least bit because it is very simple to do and without modifications! and i am pretty sure i know the gimmick to eb but i may be wrong and if so it would still work.

    and i don't think that the gravity change is a rip off of heiny as i don't think prophet is a rip off of eb. i am saying that the variations are just fillers to the dvd, prophet has no fillers it just teaches you the trick and you go off there, if they wanted to they could of put a bunch of fillers to make the dvd longer but it is pointless.
  16. So wait... Some people like Prophet and others like Extreme Burn? Could that possible mean that Prophet AND Extreme Burn are BOTH good? No way! Impossible! One MUST suck!
  17. nice i get it sarcasim! i like them both but everthing on extreame burn can be done with prophet and i would say vise versa but i don't know.
  18. Heres what I don't like. You show the back of the one and it changes to the face of a twenty. With Prophet, You show a face of a dollar and have it change to the face of another.
  19. Hahaha. Well said, man. :p

    - Sean
  20. With Extreme Burn, you can do face to face changes as well.

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