Eye cut?

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  1. I just saw a video on youtube of someone (The video said decknique) and they were doing a "eye cut" it seemed to end in a big oval shape with cards between all the fingers... well one sec I'll find it...


    Anyone know where you can learn that?

  2. Hey Evan, Bone hasn't made a tutorial for that move yet. I think he might plan to in the future...
  3. As Richard said, the man who created and performed that move is named Bone. He is planning on making a DVD in the future, that move may be on the DVD. But right now there is nowhere to learn it.

  4. Well I guess there is nowhere that teaches you how to do it. But you could watch and rewatch the video until you figure it out. It may not be at the best angle or show it that well but its better then nothing.
  5. You could, but Bone will probably be very angry at you...
  6. Wow...that was really impressive, very creative, and good use of both hands. Hopefully I can become that good one day, but that guy, Bone, must have spent hours practicing.

  7. Wow, that really is a nice display, I hope to learn that some day.
  8. First time I ever heard of Bone was with this display, he does have quite a reputation and his work is spectacular, like his anaconda dribbl, that thing is amazing.

  9. Sounds scary...
  10. Are you sure bone was the one who did anaconda first? I don't think he's the first one, but he will probably teach it in the anaconda dvd that might be coming
  11. Bone invented the Anaconda, and first posted it on his website "Cheaterscheater" years ago. Trust me, it's his. :)

  12. Can't you learn this cut on a DVD called Cap cuts ? I think I saw something like that before...
  13. Nah. Cap has a few displays on there, but he doesn't teach the Eye Cut. :)

  14. Either way, I find him very good, but as he has released several DVDs yet, I'm not sure he can be considered as the "future" of XCM lol
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    Man he is good. The eye display is easy once you learn it, I can do it, just keep watchin' his video.
  16. he has released DVDs?! :eek:

  17. no.... he might sometime in the future but I hear he's been busy. Well we can always dream
  18. Not to shoot you down or anything, but I would prefer to respect Bone. I don't think he wants people learning this display quite yet.

  19. You really don't need a tutorial to learn this... everything you need is big hands and a poker size deck or small hands and small deck... =) it does require size and that's why I can't do it well .. + my fingers really hurt after doing this display... I guess it's just not something I'm gonna do in future :)
  20. thts how people learn from others i would be happy to see others perform my jack cut

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