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  1. Can Facade be used on Omegle, or anything on computer that uses a camera? Or does it have to be a program like zoom?
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  2. Yep! Can literally be used with ANY application. I dont think I'm revealing any secrets, but essentially what you are buying is an OBS plugin. So if you know OBS, it will be super simple. If not, no worries. Just takes a little learning. Works both on Mac and PC (not linux)
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  3. I installed OBS for Windows. The Auto Configuration dropdown menu doesn't have a selection for ZOOM. What do I select?
  4. i tried to install Facade. It got blocked by Windows Defender:

    Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

    App: magic-mask-installer.exe
    Publisher: Unknown publisher
  5. Awesome! Thanks so much! I am definitely familiar with obs, it’s what I use to record everything. That’s great to know! I appreciate the response.
  6. You bet!

    Just messing around with it today, it's super epic. I'd recommend it! As I'm sure you know, you could make your own with a screen shot and photoshop, but would look no where as good. Also you couldn't have the hand wobble unless you created a gif or video. So imo for the price its worth it in the end!
  7. I installed this today and I've really enjoyed working with it so far. Is there a way to limit the affected area to only a corner?
  8. Yep! Right click your source and click "filters". In your filters pop up, click magic mask. You can adjust left, right, up, and down. Just move it left and up so it covers one corner. (Or where ever you need your facade to be.)
  9. I can "unmask" a corner and mask three quadrants. I guess I'm asking if I can mask only one quadrant. If I drag from any two sides, I mask FROM both of those sides into the spot. I want to mask from the left, for example, but then unmask the bottom half. Any ideas?
  10. Hmm... having trouble understanding. Could you upload a screenshot or two?
  11. Yeah, so just move the right and bottom to mask the top left.
  12. upload_2021-2-13_9-37-24.png

    Not sure I'm understanding. I only see the 4 sliders (plus 1 for feathering). Each of these controls moves the mask into the frame from that entire side. Is there another setting or control that I'm not seeing?
  13. AAAAK! So sorry! Totally forgot to write back. So here's what to do. Boost ALL of the four position sliders to 100%. Everything will be reversed (i.e. up is down, left is right) this is ok. Now just decrease the desired slider (remember, its reversed) horizontally and vertically until you have the box in the corner!

    So if you want a box in the top right,
    Boost everything to 100,
    Decrease the left half way,
    Decrease the bottom half way.

    Hope this makes sense! Takes a little messing around, but remember, boost everything to 100, then start decreasing stuff until it matches. If you would like, I can make a little video for you to illustrate what I mean!

    Andrew Neiner
    Think. Create. Inspire.
  14. I got it. Thank you. To get a box in the top left, I put everything to 100% and then reduced left and top to the appropriate settings. It seems odd but that's what worked.
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  15. Awesome! Glad I could be of assistance!
  16. I just cannot get this to work, and am totally confused by the software. But I think the biggest problem I have is that whatever I manage to do to the picture within the OBS application, I just can't get it to feed through to my Zoom (or whatever) app. And yes, I did turn "Start Virtual video" on.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated because I'm starting to resign myself to the idea I've wasted sixty bucks here. :(
  17. Jack, if you would like I can jump on a Zoom call with you and show you my set up. Contact me if you'd like to pursue this.

  18. That's really good of you, and would be helpful! I'm away from my main computer right now... would you be available tomorrow? If not we can figure out a time that suits us both. I'm in the UK, by the way, so there's that five-hour time difference. What's the best way to private message on these forums (I'm new!)
  19. I sent you a private message.

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