Facial cues in guessing a thought of number

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  1. Found this example and have seen others like it. Seems to be real body language analysis.

    Any thoughts on what are the strongest cues to go by? Eye flickering or stiffness of face maybe?

  2. I'm not sure as I don't do face reading, but I'll usually force a card or peek at their card by any number of means and then fake that I'm reading their facial cues or whatever. I'm not sure if it can really be done reliably by watching someone's micro expressions.
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  3. Well it's hard for me to see a reliable way to set this one up and avoid real body language reading. Could be both eyes, face in general or the hand holding. Another way to go would be to focus on the surrounding people as they might give it away - assuming they know the chosen number, which they do in this case.
  4. He could have used an instant stooge type thing who transmitted the information to him secretly. There are lots of ways to do this. He could be reading actual cues or he could be faking it.

    Edit: It could also be the gimmick "Mental Dice". Like I said, there are lots of possibilities here
  5. haha that's the guy from the YouTube Lamborghini/books ad!
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  6. “Here in my garage just bought this uh new deck of cards. Its fun to perform with in the Hollywood Hills. But you know what’s more important than material props? Knowledge. Thats why ive got these 7 bookcases of magic books”

    I dont remember it exactly
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  7. My suggestion is to have some fun. Force a card on someone and then try to guess it ("I'm going to name two colors.. red or black... you're thinking red"; "There are two suits, hearts or diamonds.... you're thinking diamonds." etc.). Watch their facial expressions when you name the correct answer. Then try it after telling them that you want them to keep a poker face and try not to reveal anything. That may make their reactions more noticeable because there is a conscious effort not to react or to immediately correct any reaction.
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  8. Haha yes Tai Lopez is a bit of a character indeed.

    I had overlooked the latest answers completely.

    RealityOne I completely agree and have tried out some things from that logic previously. I was curious here if anyone had some thoughts on this on the assumption that he (or anyone else) does it with actual body language. But I have asked similar questions before here on the forums and haven't yet heard anything that's really new to me on the topic. I'll just try some things myself.
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  9. I guess it CAN be done...
    But I feel so much more safer forcing stuff.
    I mean, we magicians are control freaks, right?
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