Factory Sealed and Bullet: Clear Everything Up!

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Antney1234, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Ok guys lots of people are making tons of thread's about Factory Sealed everywhere asking all these questions and i want to clear everything up with Factory Sealed and Bullet.I will have some questions that people asked me and that are all over the internet.

    Factory sealed:

    Is it impromptu? Yes it is!!!

    Can the coin be signed? Yes it can but with minor variations you could do it when you watch the dvd and think hard and think about it you can do it.

    Can the coin be bigger than the top of the bottle.?Yes it can watch the dvd and Justin tells you how.

    Is it Visual? Yes it is there are 2 versions i like version number 1 better in my opinion.

    Can everthing be examined? Yes everything can be examined.

    Is the bottle sealed?.It can be sealed but with 1 minor varitation it is easy.( watch sealed in). I dont want any exposure.

    Can your hands be shown empty?Yes they can (people who have the dvd you will no how)

    Should i buy this? I would because after watching this dvd i Have been creating my own bottle effects it helps your mind flow with good ideas.

    Is there any gimmicks? NoOOOO gimmicks for both versions but at the end Justin shows a way if you are lazy and dont want to practise at all and just want to go out on the streets and preforme immedietly, which needs a gimmick which i dont reccomend nonone needs the gimmick the effect is as simple as it is.

    Is there any setup?Yes there is but it will only take 3 seconds!.
    Thats factory sealed now comes bullet

    Is it easy? Yes it is but you need some practise!


    Is it impromptu? Yes it is!!!

    Is there any setup? No but you need some time to practise if you want to just pick up a bottle and do the effect on the spot Justin tells you how in the DVD>

    Can you hands be shown empty? Yes they can it takes 2-3 seconds for me

    Should i buy this? Yes i think you should because when you no how to do them both you can create amazing ideas of how to even how to make the coin signed with no setup which i know how to do now!

    Is there any HOLES? NO NONE ZIPPO NADA!!!

    Is it visual? A little I think Factory Sealed is a little more visual.

    Can everything be examined?.Yes completly!!
    Is it easy? Yes it is but you need some practise
    If anyone has any more question about these 2 effects i will answer them and edit them on to this review.Thanks and i hope there are no more of these posts asking questions like this because everything is going to be answerd here!.If there is any exposure about this post i made please tell me and i will edit it.
  2. Which would you say is harder to perform?
  3. both of these effects are NOT impromptu
    bullet requires a setup of about 3 seconds
    factory sealed is about 10 seconds

    the technique for bullet is harder to perform in my opinion, although both of these effects are on the easy side
  4. Lol bullet has a setup.

    Factory Sealed setup 3sec????? LIE more like 30-60 sec.

    Factory sealed is not visual at all in my opinion .

    Passin thru with a borrowed bottle is the best CIB ever!

    but if you buy all of these dvds and have a little comon sense to make

    Passin thru with a borrowed bottle and signed....with no set up.

    Its easy do the borrowed vesion of passin thru and use the signed coin idea from bulet.
    and to take it up another step use the factory sealed "sealed" bottle idea to make the Ultimate CIB
  5. Passin thru is a great effect I perform it alot.
  6. Wow the font on factory and sealed is annoying to read. Please change it.
  7. Well, it is not as impromptu as you think. First of all you need to use your own bottle. If you are borrowing a bottle, you cannot do the set up in front of them. Bascially if people just hand you their bottle and ask you to do it on the spot, you cannot do it.

    The "bottle from vending machine" can be done (but you cannot do the "set up" infront of them. The "vending machine" part is not taught in the DVD. With a little bit of creativity, you can perform the "bottle from vending machine" with OTHER CTBs too.

    The signed coin version is NOT taught in the DVD. There are other CTBs which teach you how to do a signed coin in a factory sealed bottle. You can use the knowledge from those CTBs and use it to "add on" to Factory Sealed.

    Yes, true. Justin shows you one of the methods to do this. The method might not work for some plastic bottles. If you are not careful you might **** the bottle. (those who tried it should know what I meant) Cannot say more withour exposure.

    Other CTB introduce other ways of doing that, and the method can be applied to all plastic bottles. The bottle will look perfectly normal.

    Yes, everything can be examined.

    But you cannot let them examined the "factory sealed" bottle before the seal is broken. You cannot let them examine and break the seal.

    Yes, if you have other CTBs, you can use their methods to add on to FS.

    FS did not teach you how to perform it with a real factory sealed bottle (where other people can inspect and break the seal)

    Yes you can show the hands empty RIGHT after the effect, but you would need some GIMMICKS for the super clean version.

    You cannot show your hand (the hand that penetrates the coin) empty right after you penetrate the coin (unless you are using the gimmick)

    Basically you have to do a clean up.

    There are ways to show your hands empty before the clean up. The idea is great and you can add it to other CTBs.

    The method for FS is very simple. Hence you would have a lot of room to improve on the effect.

    It would help if you have other CTBs, to help you generate more ideas.

    Yup, I don't think the gimmick is needed too.

    Yes, there is a set up. But you cannot do the set up infront of them. You can try to do it under the table (make sure no one is sitting beside you).

    FS is really easy.

    For the 1st method, you would need to practice in the mirror. Plus you must know where your vulnerable angles are, manage your audience so that you can perform the effect in the right angles.
  8. Factory Sealed and Bullet might be good, but I like Andy Ace's Sealed and Stuck more.

    1) Factory sealed and bullet together cost $44.90. Sealed and Stuck only costs 24.95 (I might be wrong, but Sealed and Stuck is cheaper than Factory sealed and bullet together).

    2) Sealed and Stuck DVD teaches a coin in bottle like Bullet. There is also a improptu version of Sealed and Stuck on the DVD

    3) For Sealed and Stuck, you SEE the coin passing and penetrating into the bottle.

    I think I have made my point. Sealed and Stuck OWNS!
  9. I no i saw Sealed and Stuck it AWSOME!!!! too.I am going ti get it for christmas.:)
  10. Thanks mnb430 and Antney1234! :)

    Actually Sealed & Stuck is only $22.95. :)

    Slam is one of the bonus effect in Sealed & Stuck. I have been performing that effect for a long time and it gets great reactions.

    The bottle can be shown empty, you can ask them to stare at the bottom of the bottle making sure nothing is hidden.

    Then you slam the coin through the bottom of the bottle.

    They can inspect the bottle immediately after the effect. The coin is bigger than the neck of the bottle.
  11. I saw the preview and i was amazed i am for sure getting that it looks way more visual than factory sealed and bullet how did you come up with this thing it looks amazing!

    Do you take chacks or money orders and do you ship to Canada?
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    Thanks for the comments! =)

    Maybe we should discuss my effect in another thread. Some people might feel offended as this thread is meant for the E's CTB. Check your pm.
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    It takes you 10 seconds to prepare for factory sealed? ... Either way, thats a very fast setup for such a powerful effect.
  14. For fs, can the bottle be examined before the effect occurs?
  15. You can knock on the bottom, and squeeze the whole bottle, or if you want to get creative, you are able to hand it out without any worry.

    You know it is possible to do Factory Sealed in front of someone, as long as the bottle starts off sealed, so it cant be ANY bottle. But, it is difficult dont get me wrong.

  16. It's a little late in the game to play that card. You've been trying to advertise your effect dy disparaging Factory Sealed and Bullet even before they were released.

    I know what you're doing, and I don't like it.
  17. acctualy everything hes saying about bullet and factory sealed is true.
  18. Steerpike, if you read my post about the E's CTB before they were released, you will find out that I'm neutral about them.

    For example just check out the "BEST CTB" thread here. People were hyping FS saying that it can be done with a borrowed brand new factory sealed bottle (now we know it is not true), all I said was "Let's wait for the products to be released before we discuss them"

    I'm trying to keep this thread focus on the E's CTB, and you are not helping.

    Please stay on topic. Thank you.

    You cannot let them inspect the seal of the bottle. You have to open the bottle yourself. Then you can hand the bottle for them to inspect.

    I don't think it is possible to performed the effect with a borrowed factory sealed bottle. Like what RebelAce69 said, it is difficult. In fact it is almost impossible. Cannot say more without exposure.

    Imagine a guy just hand you their bottle and asked you to do the effect. It is impossible to do the 3 to 5 second set up infront of them.

    The point is you cannot do the set up in front of them.

    Exactly. Thanks! :)
  19. Exactly why I didn't mention that but, you are correct, you can have them check before hand but really fully examine like shake and hold it up to the light etc.

    It has its downfalls but, is still pretty smart.

  20. A moot point as it has nothing to do with what I said.

    No you're not. To be neutral, you have to say both the positive and the negative. I have not heard you say one good thing about either product, and in fact it seems to be all you ever talk about.

    Over the past couple weeks, you keep weaving in plugs for your own effects, but only insist people stop talking about it once they're interested in buying it.

    You were banned from the Ellusionist boards for doing nothing but plugging your own CIB effect, continually asserting how much better it was than Factory Sealed and Bullet. Then you came on here to complain about it and play the victim card. You were laughed out of the Magic Cafe for similar reasons.

    Do you know what these actions tell me? That I shouldn't buy anything from you. I don't know anything about you other than what I've learned from these messages over the last couple of weeks, and it's not good. To succeed, you first have to sell yourself, then your company, then your product. You have demonstrated a spectacular inability to do any of those three.

    Now, with this in mind, give me three good reasons why I shouldn't believe you to be anything other than a self-serving brat.
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