Factory Sealed or Gecko

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  1. I know that both FS and Gecko have absolutely nothing in common, but I need to choose one. If someone was to force you to buy one of these two, disregarding the prices, which one would you buy?
  2. Well Factory Sealed is a bit more magical in the essence that it uses two things that are extremely easy to get a hold of and that most people you run into will have.
  3. The Gecko because it is more versatile. I have it and use it. It does require a setup, but the effect on the spectators when it is performed well is truly worth the preparation. What you see in the demo video is what you get. The vanishes are truly magical.
  4. They are both hyped.
  5. i dont use either of them.
    my friend got the geko and then didnt want it, so gave it to me lol
    its not very practical (the geko) factory sealed is alright. its a performance peice tho.
  6. Gimmick or non-gimmick?

    It's a trick versus a gimmick, you choose.
    You need good angles for The Gecko(I heard) and you need good acting for Factory Sealed.
  7. Buy a book.
  8. don't buy the gecko. it is a ripoff that isn't practical in front of spectators (unless you just have one that is a little to the side). And he doesn't even teach how to make much dissapear. just a pencil.
  9. IS the gecko that bad ? Or does it just take a lot of practice ?

    Some how I get the feeling that people don't give it the practice it deserves.
    am I wrong ?

    Looks amazing on the video and iv seen a few other peoples videos with it. Looks great to me.
  10. key words being looks great on video.
  11. The idea of it is great, but from what I have seen it just looks great on video. I mean what do you when they want their cell phone back? Do you pretty much expose the effect right there?
  12. I'd recommend neither. I have both, and I regret getting both.
    Buy a book, I can't stress it enough. Same price, but about 50 times the tricks, and each of them are more pratical.
  13. I have wanted to buy a book. Just never knew which one to buy because there were so many different suggestions. Which do you have or think is the most effective, in general?
  14. I would highly recommend Paul Harris - Art Of Astonishment 3 Book Set.
    All books are about 300+ pages I think.
  15. WARNING- Don't buy the gecko! After opening the box you will cry and wonder why you just could of sticked to the raven!

    If you are looking for a good close up trick, Ring leader by richerd sanders.
    (at least i liked it)

    Learning slight of hand is much more usefull then buying gimmicks and devices like the M5 or the Gecko.
  16. i have the gecko, i NEVER use it anymore too impractical. if i were you save up and get TA its is freeking awesome. Either that or some Gaff decks like the ultra gaff, it kills especially dead cell.
  17. My favourite books are the AoA series, Carneycopia and Full Metal Jacket. Check them out :)
  18. Yeah gecko will take loads of practice for something that is completely impractical and if you do vanish their cellphone then you expose the effect when you give it back.

    Factory Sealed is very clever but that's about it, I have tried so many times to present this to a multi crowd and somehow just can't quite pull it off.

    I would go ahead and go with one of the books or Nestorizer gimmick which is one of the most useful pieces I have ever used.
  19. For those that use Factory Sealed, try it with a wine glass for a more elegant presentation.

    Not quite got the load handling down myself as I put it to one side, but it looks magical.

  20. Oohh, never thought of that, thanks for the tip :)

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