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  1. I wanted to know how many magicians believe in the ONly True and LIving God, which is Jesus Christ. which salvation may only be granted through him. NOt by works, but by faith and grace alone. And does that have an effect on your magic....I know stigmata you can use it as a trick if that person is writing about somebody is deceased..and I would never personally do that kind of trick.
  2. I know Cris Angel says that "I think" even though his walk doesn't really reflect that from what comes out of his mouth.
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    Religion is utter ********. :)
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    I agree with this man.
  5. god is a concept in which we measure our pain.
    -John Lennon

    think of it, religion has actually convinced us that there is an invisible man, and that he can see and watch everything we do.

    and he has these 10 rules, of which if we follow we will live forever in happiness...
    but if we break 1 of these rules, we will be sentenced to a life of fire, and pain, and hurt, and death, and suffering..........

    but he loves us!

    he loves us and he needs MONEY!

    he aslways needs money....he knows everything but cant balance a bankbook?

    i mean really, religion is probably the best example of how a busisness should be run. Brainwash billions of people, take their money, then tell them their still in sin so they shell out more money.
  6. Good grief. I thought this forum was way over silly religious bashing and squabbles.

    If you have nothing positive to say, don't say it at all. The OP is asking two simple questions: whether you believe in God, and if you do, whether this affects your magic performances.

    I'm an atheist, but at the very least I respect other people's beliefs, and don't go "Religion is utter bull****", or try and argue against the whole point of the OP.

    Why not just answer the OP's questions as politely and in as civil a manner as possible?

    On topic. No, I'm not Christian, and hence obviously not religious. I haven't seen any magic that apparently is influenced by one's religion.
  7. I would really like to see this thread closed, it will only lead to an argument about religion.

  8. Fantastic movie, that one! :D
  9. I think I answered the OP's question fine, thank you very much.
  10. PrinceHoliday,

    Yes, my Christian faith plays a part in my performances for the simple fact that it plays a part in my life as a whole. If I hadn't switched over from Atheism at an important part of my life I'd be in a pretty rough place right now, but I won't delve into personal aspects. However, I respectfully suggest that next time you're creating a post of any sort, whether religious or not that you check what your posting. The spelling, capitalization, etc. is all very important. This is especially true with the fact that there are members here and on other boards that do not speak English as their first language. Perhaps you don't either, but it is simply my suggestion.


    While I respect that you feel differently and you didn't at least behave in a rude manner when representing your points. However, it's unfortunate to see that what you've learned about Christian religion comes from bad readings and interpretations of the Bible as well as corrupt "churches".

    The Bible doesn't say there is an invisible man, but an omnipresent holy spirit. There's a large difference, but it would take a long time to discuss.

    The Bible does not state that if you break one of the ten commandments you go to hell. It says that we're all sinners, (meaning we've all broken one of God's commandments and there are more then ten) and that all sin is equal in the eyes of God. So telling a lie is no different from murder. Sounds harsh, but it's true. We're all equal. Furthermore it states that anyone can go to Heaven through salvation by Jesus Christ. That's anyone, and I'm quite happy because of the mistakes I've made in the past and the knowledge that they're forgiven.

    Finally God doesn't need money. If Christians want their church to keep running, they need money. Some "Churches" are corrupt, however, and that is unfortunately where a lot of doubt and disbelief in religion comes from.

    If you'd ever like to talk about any of this send an e-mail to I'd be glad to talk more and share the story of my turn from Atheism to Christianity.

    Take care everyone,
    Bryan Brush
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    Respect people like me, and the hundreds on this forum that do believe in a religion.
  12. Guys seriously....this is way out of hand and pretty offensive from just about every angle and comment made thus far. Maybe you want to rethink your replies and/or just delete them altogether.

  13. This thread needs closing. If people can't be civil, maybe then we should shut this topic down altogether.
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    Not offended in the slightest. Try harder next time. :)

  15. Bryan Brush..English is my first language I was just in a hurry.*L* I was asking the question because I know of the method of Stigmata. And I performed the affect with revealing their card they picked. I would not do it for revealing a person that may be deceased that they may miss, because that would be demonic in the sense. (I could remember when Criss Angel got angry at the guy on that show) If anybody ever says I got special powers or anything I would absolutely tell them NO. It's just sleight of hand.

    I was just asking to see what do the Theory11 Artists beliefs are...and how does that affect what tricks they invent or won't do.
  16. I really trust in God =)..
  17. To be honest, I don't believe in any "God" whatsoever, but I do respect other peoples' beliefs and faiths.

    This is a very sensitive issue, (mod close this?).
  18. Lets try turn things for the better by using some misdirection :p

    Firstly, to each their own about their beliefs, be it Judiasm, Christianity, Islam, Satanism, Scientology(lol)

    But I think the original intent of this thread was to find out if..
    a) Do you present your effect as something real/miraculous
    b) Is there a line that one should not cross in relation to the deceased..

    They are many magicians out there whose main purpose is to dispell our worldy 'real' psychics (If I am not mistaken Derren Brown is doing that?)

    And also those that actually believe they have real powers (Uri Geller)

    Therefore.. answers from me are..
    Yes and No
  19. I worship the devil and I'm going to eat you.

    By the way "god" doesn't exist.
  20. "religion is opium for the masses"
    Karl Marx
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