Fake Bicycle Guardians?

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  1. Hello there.

    I have a question regarding Bicycle Guardians. And I would be happy if You could help me to clarify this..

    The point is, I’m from Ukraine.. and believe it or not, we have a few different magic shops there..
    Normally prices are more or less the same. But one of them put something like 27$ for Bicycle Guardians (all other shops 7-8$).

    On my question regarding this price, that is hight and not only comparing with other Ukrainian shops but also with any other sources I’m aware of..
    I have a reply that the only one original stock from theory11 sold out a long time ago.. and they are one of a very few authorized distributors working with «REAL» Bicycle Guardians. All other shops selling, by and large some imitations.

    I have never heard of any kind of «imitations» for 7 bucks deck and I could’t believe penguin magic and other respective web sites sales some fake. So could you put some light on it.

    Thanks in advance for Your help.
  2. Hopefully the following information will shed some light on the situation.

    Theory 11 produced an original run of the Guardians deck that featured an embossed tuck case, the original T11 logo at the bottom of the tuck case, and a slightly different tuck design to match. Then, later, the USPCC produced the Bicycle version of the Guardians deck.

    That said, while I can't speak for whether the design specifics and feel of the decks between the V1 and the V2 have changed, I can say that they appear very similar in design. The more expensive pricing in the magic shop you've referenced might be carrying the original or they may just be overpricing a commodity they believe to be rare (or perhaps the high price is a result of importing the Guardians to Ukraine). However, here in the U.S., I've yet to come across an imitation deck of the Guardians, and as for the $7 Guardians on sites such as Penguin Magic, those decks are simply the USPCC reprints.

    To see what one of the USPCC reprints of the Guardians may look like, check out my review here:
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