Fake Tutorial Contest "Kissing Card Trick"

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    I'm sure you've seen this video. It's Wayne Houchin's trick "French Kiss". This video has become very popular and has been popping up all over the place. The problem is the youtuber, wants to make a tutorial of Houchin's trick. There are tons of people that are anticipating this tutorial! So if there was ever a trick that needed a fake tutorial it's this one!

    To stir up some more interest I'll make it a contest. I'll give my two Wire downloads to whoever's video I like best.

    All that you have to do is post a FAKE tutorial of Wayne Houchin's trick as a video reply to this video.


    If you want to be part of the contest post your video here on this forum as well and a winner will be decided by me next Thursday based on creativity and how much you make me laugh.

    Hopefully we can jam up the airwaves for those who are curious and keep Houchin's trick under wraps a little longer. Thanks all!
  2. I love the idea!
  3. I'm already known for my fake tutorials. I'm already making a fake scheme.
  4. Sounds good! Even if you don't like the prize make a video anyways :)
  5. I really like the idea of this, unfortunately there already are some tutorials for the French Kiss effect. I actually learned the effect from one on accident since it was posted under a different name and I hadnt seen the effect before.
  6. Case in point! This is a trick that needs fake tutorials!
  7. Here's mine as an example :)

  8. by the way this is caleb.im uploading my video now.it cracks me up when i watch it
  9. [video=youtube;8F92DB86r6E]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F92DB86r6E[/video]
  10. Sounds great Caleb. I'll check it out when I get off work. Make sure to post it as a video response. It's more likely to be viewed like that. You do that by clicking in the comment box and the option pops up just below. When you click on it a list of all the videos on your channel should pop up. Click on the fake tutorial and you're set!
  11. Hey guys get those submissions in you have till Thursday the 11th!
  12. Thanks for the submissions guys I've contacted the winner! Keep posting those fake tutorials!

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