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  1. Which has better angles, Fallen or Shifty? Which is more difficult? What gets the best reactions?

  2. Fallen is amazing, but people are always complaining about the angles. If you know how to control an audience then you will like Fallen. However, Shifty is a little better in my opinion angle wise and reaction wise. I would get both, if I were you.
  3. Yeah. I agree with magicmaster. Fallen has more sensitive angles but it looks a bit more magical in my opinion. Shifty has pretty good angles and gets pretty good reactions. Get both. They are both pretty cheap. =)

  4. In my opinion, people can figure out whats going on in fallen. When I show it to people, (And no, they don't see the cards) they automatically say "Your just _____________(Insert move here)." Im not sure what shifty is though
  5. I'm looking for an ACR closer and I can only get one.
  6. Then go for Shifty. But I think that a riffle pass face up is cool to end your ACR with! :)

    - Marcus
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    I have both and both of them are great. I can't say which one is better because it depends on who I am performing for. Alot of times I end with fallen because you tells them what really happen, instead of the card going up, the deck melts down and they can see that happening.

    Shifty isnt bad at all but it is really knacky. But again people can see that is traveling up.

    Personal taste, do you want the deck to melt down on the card or do you want a card to travel up?

    This is my review of shifty and my review on fallen can be seen Here
  8. with fallen I saw a video on youtube of it by some random kid apparently before the release but I didn't know that it was actually going to be released by Daniel Garcia...

    anyways... after I was the video... even though there was no flashing whatsoever my initial reaction was "What and easy trick to do... all you do is ______"...

    so the round about is that if I'm right with what I'm pretty sure it is, it is a very very very angle sensitive move that you could only do for a few people but I only do it with one to be on the safe side...

    Shifty on the other hand... I haven't bought it but I was wondering if it is the same rising card found in Totally Out of Control By Chris Kenner?

    I'm pretty sure it's not but I want to know.
  9. S.W Elevator is the same thing as Shifty, only slightly revamped.

    Anyways, I say Shifty, even though it might need a lot of practice. Fallen is good, but is more dirtier than Shifty.

  10. That's what I thought but I noticed that the bottom card stays the same in Shifty.... I was trying to use it to see how the S.W. Elevator should look but I didn't want to use it if it's not what it should look like...

    Thanks alot man:D
  11. The effect is the same, the methodology however is not.

    With the S.W.Elevator a certain type of shift is used. (hint: Read the title)

    With Shifty no such type of pass, or a pass at all is used.

    Concerning the difficulty of both, Shifty is far easier to perform. :)

    - Sean
  12. Thanks guys! I'm gonna go with shifty.

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