Famous Magicians On Twitter?

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  2. I'm on Twitter... And I'm famous cause if you google my name... I pop up...
  3. Ha. And I'm a famous actor 'cause I'm on IMDB.

    Let's see. Eric Mead, Penn, Teller, Lee Asher, Jay Sankey, Cyril Takayama, Chase Goforth, Ekaterina Dobrokatova (might have missed the last name), Brian Brushwood, Chris Kenner, Jon Raiker, Jamy Ian Swiss, The Magic Castle, Neil Patrick Harris, Steve Martin, Andy Nyman, Derren Brown, Richard Wiseman, Steve Cohen, Wayne Houchin, Danial Garcia, R. Paul Wilson, Jamie D. Grant, Michael Weber, Dan White, Barry and Stuart ... How's that for a start?
  4. Oh snap... you win.
  5. I was gonna say shwood but christopher t beat me to it :)
  6. I wouldn't really group ekatatrina in the same file as penn teller and Cyril. She's a card juggler and yes she's good at it but I've never seen her do a show piece. Maybe she's D list?
  7. She's seen more legitimate press than a few other people on that list.
  8. Press really is only half the game. That's why I'm sorta iffy on her. I'm not discounting her skills or right to call herself a magi, don't get me wrong. I'm just not sure I'd consider her famous. Not in the same way I'd look at Penn, Teller, or Cyril. ...Yet.
  9. Well then you don't have to follow her then! Haha
  10. I don't.

    Word count
  11. Call me crazy and maybe its' my age showing, but I think Twitter is kind of weird and pointless to follow people's every move and what they're doing. I just think it's annoying for people to post: "Eating my eggs and bacon, and then I'm going to shower." or "Went to Walmart today" Who give's a crap. Now if it is something that is of vital importance for all of the followers, then I guess that is a bit different.
  12. Rick, Twitter is just another way of sharing information. I believe that people using it in the way you described are completely misunderstanding it. For me Twitter has two primary functions, the first is to follow celebrities and the second is to follow a business for information about them or a service/product they provide.

    David Blaine and Nate Kranzo are also on Twitter, though Kranzo isn't famous.
  13. Depends on who's tweeting. Some actors and people have tweeted interesting things, while others have just treated it like a blog. Kind of reminds me of back in the day on PC's when they had Xenga's and live journals. Many were just kind of the same thing. Facebook has gotten to be the same thing as well. I have neither of those due to not really seeing the relevance in tweeting everything that goes on.
  14. I don't mean to make a personal attack here, Draven, so please don't take it that way, but why did you single her out? I think that's kind of crappy, honestly. If we're trying to compile a list of 'proper' famous magicians, that list is very short. I made a list of people that are decently well known in the magic world, she qualifies (Seeing as she's done many paid live performances, has a video out, done several TV spots, and is a frequent contributor to several online forums).

    Personally I don't care for the flourishing, but her magic is often quite beautiful. She's talented and an building a strong reputation. So I guess I just don't see why you singled her out and no one else on my list, which, honestly, there's a few names on there I wouldn't actually call 'famous'.
  15. @Christopher

    No offense taken. I think people are over reacting to something I said which was rather matter-of-fact, and not intended to be more than what it was. I'm not trying to put her down, or discredit her in any way. She is a fricking good cardist, and I'm sure she's a damn good magician- though admittedly I've never actually seen her do magic. She has every right to count herself among the professionals.

    My statement was questioning what qualifies someone as "famous". I for one hate using the "f" word because unless you're a rock star (I use that term subjectively) then your fame could be considered relative. Take our own Chris Kenner for example. Brace yourselves fan boys because what I'm about to say could be considered blasphemy but I select Chris to outline this example because his is a name we all know and respect here. Mr. Kenner who is an amazing talent, outstanding performer, a creative powerhouse, and right hand to one of the most successful names in magic since Houdini is a virtual unknown to anyone outside of our fraternity. Is Chris famous? Well to us magicians- yes. But unless we had his promotional material in front of us (we and us referring to the general populous who may be attending his show) we may not recognize his name. However his boss (Copperfield) we would.

    So seeing as fame is a fairly relative subject, about as much so as "normal", or "popular" to which one can argue to what standard? I'm going to draw stark comparisons to things I recognize from my own experience. I consider, for myself, the definition of "fame" to be when the general populous of the community that exist inside or outside of the specified industry (American, European, etc) know and recognize the individual for the body of their work. Some examples that you could use for this is just about any A list celebrity like Tom Hanks, John Wayne, Jane Fonda or musical rock stars like KISS, John Bon Jovi, Jimmy Hendrix, etc.

    Since magic is, and always has been, a novelty act it is substantially harder for us to excel into true fame that extends beyond our immediate area of influence. There have been wonderful magicians though who have managed to do it. Names like Blackstone, Houdini, Criss Angel, Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and in the Asian markets Cyril are just a few shining examples. So going back to my original statement Ekatatrina I'm not sure I would categorize in the same caliber as some of the other names that she was listed with. Penn, Teller, and Cryil being three of them. I'm not saying she's bad mind you. I'm just saying she's not playing the game on their level. ...Yet.

    Now allow me to turn the table, as it were, if you don't mind. And of course Christopher you know I mean no insult. I respect you for your contributions here, and your insight. Going back to Ekatatrina you remark that her fame is justified because she's done, and please let me quote you here, "Seeing as she's done many paid live performances, has a video out, done several TV spots, and is a frequent contributor to several online forums." Well to be fair I could say the same for myself. I've done thousands of live shows, many of which were paid (including national tours), I've got an e-book out, I've done a few TV spots, and I try to contribute to a few online forums when and were I can. However I wouldn't begin to consider myself famous. I may be known in some circles but I would NEVER put my name anywhere close to Penn, Teller, or even Sankey for that matter.

    Now having said all that are there other names in that group I could extend the same sentiments about? Sure I could have, I just used her name because it's what I typed out. Barry, Stewart, and Sankey being three good examples. Two of the three I've never heard of before this post, and I'm not exactly living under a rock; and the other (Sankey) again very talented very popular (to us magicians) but not in the same grouping as Penn, Teller and others.

    So are we trying to compile a list of proper famous magicians? I don't know. Are we? The OP didn't really set specifications as to what she considered to be "famous", and I believe that by now the two posts that has challenged my opinion on the subject plus yours that baits clarification in my defense only serves to over analyze an otherwise innocent and fun subject.

    So I think we should just use this thread as an opportunity to continue listing magicians who have twitter accounts, and leave my rambling thoughts as a side note there in. I don't want to derail this thread and send it headlong into a debate of credentials for XYZ magician.
  16. I responded not to debate the credentials, but because I was confused by your post. When I read it, it seemed far more prejudice or possibly even sexist that I would ever expect out of you. Thanks for clearing things up, I'm glad to know that I was correct in my assessment that you're not that kind of person.

    As a side note, if I knew you used Twitter (which, you don't, do you?) I would have included your name in that list.

    It would further derail the conversation to really delve into this but I feel the need to point out that there have been magic acts which were the most desired acts on the circuit at one time. Just nothing within my lifetime.
  17. Yup I figured we were both on the same side of the conversation just something was getting lost in translation. I do have a twitter I just don't know how to use it effectively.

    Who else has twitter?
  18. Kim Kardashian, Richard Branson, Twitter...quite a lot of people have it.
  19. Pretty much half the human race doesn't know how to use it effectively.
  20. I have one, but I haven't really used it in ages. I use it to follow people, not give updates about myself.

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