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  1. Does it need a gimmick or is it just a normal setup?
  2. he is talking about paiul wisons over at DnD
  3. i believe he is talking about the one on demand at DnD. Well it would be smarter to post there, but I'll answer. Yes, it does need a gimmick. But I have heard the gimmick is VERY easy.
  4. I think he means Paul Wilsons. yes it does use a little gimmick but its very easy to make and super easy to carry around he also has many applications for it.
  5. is it worth 12 bucks
  6. Does anyone else notice that you can't make this look like it did in Shade?
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    Only to someone who extensively watches nothing but this? :p At the end of the day the spectator is gonna walk away saying "He just brushed them with his thumb and they changed in front of me!" whether you use Zapped or Fan-2-C or Cheng's Impromptu Change or Paul's Impromptu version (which is different from Cheng's I believe).

    So it doesn't look exactly like it does in Shade... but on the plus side, you can have everything examined immediately at the end. :D

    - Sean

  8. Btw, for anyone who cares, Cheng's version is completely impromptu.
  9. Woops! My bad, edited my post to make it a little clearer, thanks man.

    - Sean
  10. No problem, glad to help :)
  11. Um, According to R. Paul, it IS what he does in Shade, and therefore SHOULD be exactly what appears in Shade. I wasn't mentioning this for the spectators benefit, but for ours.

    Just putting it out there to see where the conversation goes ;)

    Also, what is Paul's Impromptu version. Paul Harris?
  12. Oh yeah, so it is... >_> My bad :p I blame university hahaha.

    And Paul's Impromptu version is R. Paul's impromptu handling of it, it's kinda cool if you can do it well, but it's hard to get down looking nice. As far as I know and from what I can tell, it's a different handling to that of the great Cheng, whos handling is still awesome; Cheng uses one hand (though I believe two may be used yes?) and R Pizzle Wizzle's uses 1 hand and a brushing of the thumb.

    Hope that was a bit clearer. :)

    - Sean
  13. Since there's already a thread here on it, how difficult is it to pull off, and is the gimmick hard to make?
    Thanks guys!
  14. Sean - yes, Cheng has one version that uses one hand to make the change (although you will need to be proficient in the use of both such limbs in the process of getting to the actual change) - and another that uses two hands, a thumb brush which emulates the original Zapped - which I like better.
  15. not too hard. not at all.
    Practice for around 20-30 minutes and you should be decent with it.
    the gimmick? learn it once and never have to again. see it once. make it in 5 minutes.

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