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  1. I admit, when I first opened up my deck of Gaurdians I was a bit quick to judge them poorly. Though, the more that I sat around with them in my hands and practiced a few sleights with them I have to say...they've grown on me.

    My ONLY problem with them now is that they don't fan well at all. I usually present a card fan whenever I want a spectator to take one, but with these I am afraid that people will think these cards are rigged with something due to certain cards sticking together.

    What are some other ways I can present a truly free choice of a card? I've already heard something about the LePaul S spread, but I can't seem to find anything that teaches it well.


    Shane K.
  2. instead of fanning you could always just classic spread the cards
    dribble the cards and say stop
    riffle the cards and say stop
    those work really well
  3. You could try pressure fanning the deck or just follow cardangel's tips.
  4. The lepaul spread or the Lapaul spread are taught on the triology or maybe look on youtube
  5. The lepaul spread is rather difficult. Just to let you know.
  6. My recommendation is always offer cards to be selected in the same way as your favourite force requires, so that there's never any discrepancy between having a card selected fairly and forcing a card, unless you have a particularly good justification for having a card selected in a different way. Personally, I'm in the habit of using a riffle force, so I pretty much always have a card selected by riffling down the corner of the deck and having the spectator say stop. I find that a lot of laymen are familiar with the concept of a classic force, ie they know that a magician can present a spread of cards and influence them to pick a particular one, even if they are not aware of the exact mechanics involved. Therefore, I think it can appear a bit suspicious for some spectators if you offer them a spread or even a fan to pick from
  7. I suggest you learn the lepaul spread, not just because it'll solve your problem in this case, which can be solved by doing a different spread as lepaul does take some practice.

    I suggest doing it because of an experience I've had since I've learned it, that's how I let my spectators choose their cards sometimes and it really impresses...I suggest you take a stab at it because it's something "different".
  8. Thank you all very much. I have come to my senses though, and realized that I would enjoy my card work much better if I just kept to what I'm used to. UV500 Air flow cards.

    I'm definatly going to try to learn that LePaul spread, it looks amazing!

    Shane K.

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