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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Hirano4Ever, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. hey everyone, before i get into what the topic is about i just wanted to say thanks to all who have replied to my past posts and helping me prepare for my small show i was doing last month :) so thank u. anyway, ive been thinking over the past couple weeks...who's my favorite card magician or magicians? so i really dont know the answer yet :p but ive been searching around and checking out EVERY card magician i can find and really analyzing whether they're someone i would consider my favorite. so ya, i was wondering who your favorite card magician(s) are/is? it doesn't have to be like a Top 10 or a Top 5 or anything, just whoever u think is good.

    thanks so much,
    Todd H.
  2. I LOVE Brian Tudor's handling. His style is so edgy and it feels as if I'm thrown into some hypnotic trance when he performs....Though, I can't say the same if i were a layman :(
  3. My favorite would have to Bill Malone
  4. I second that, so talented and funny :D

    Heck I asked my cousin (layman) one time who his favorite comedians were and in his short list was Bill Mallone :)
  5. Bill Malone is truly amazing.
  6. Bill Malone, Joel Paschall (it's awesome watching him work up close... his One Handed Double is like... instantaneous, it's insane), Gregory Wilson, Brian Tudor (just because of his awesome skillz).
  7. Gerry Griffin, Buck twins, Benjamin Earl.
  8. Definetly the Bucks. :)
  9. Bill Ma-lone! Bill Ma-lone! Bill Ma-lone!

    Every single performance he does is very entertaining, not to mention his technical skils are quite sharp.

    And I might as well throw Allan Ackerman in here as well just because he's a nice guy and quite creative.
  10. Dude, Ricky Jay.
  11. Gregory Wilson.
  12. Tyler Wilson, he is just, f-ing hilarious
  13. Joel is fun to watch, so I'll put Joel Paschall on the list. Definitely Ben Earl, his style is just... perfect! And I have to say Dai Vernon as my last choice. Gotta go with the classics!

  14. Larry Jennings
    Michael Vincent
    Juan Tamariz

    The list goes on forever but these guys were the first three that came to mind.

    - Sean
  15. Bill Malone...quite sharp?!

    Bill Malone is top of my list, followed by John Guastaferro, Greg Wilson, David Regal, Juan Tamariz and James Brown (in no particular order). I'm also a huge fan of Jean Pierre Vallarino.
  16. Larry Jennings
    Bill Malone
    Greg Wilson
    Benjamin Earl

    No order...
  17. Aaron Fisher
    Benjamin Earl
    Dai Vernon
    Brian Tudor
  18. Yes, quite sharp. Indeed.
  19. Joel Paschall...... True artist
    Gerry Griffin....... Inspiring
    Guy Hollingworth..... Unbelievable
    Derek Dingle..... very methodical
    John Carney...... A true treasure to magic
    John Gardenier....... Fun to watch, and knows how to please a crowd.

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