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  1. What is your most favorite color change? Personally, I don't have one because I have only just recently realised how cool some can be.
    A couple questions you can answer:
    -What is your favorite color change to perform?
    -What is the color change that you do that gets the best reactions from spectators?
    -What is your favorite color change method-wise? (I'm not asking for reveals, all I'm saying is what is the most creative color change you have seen)
    -What is your favorite color change of all time?

    I'm not only asking these questions to know more about you guys, but I also want to learn some more color changes until I can find the one that suits me and my style the best.
    So if you guys know of any color changes (not on this site) that are for basic-intermediate magicians, hit me up with a pm.
  2. Erdnase change covers all of those.
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    Favorite to perform: Clipshift color change
    Best Reactions: Clipshift color change (since it's one handed and is one of the most visual)
    Favorite method-wise: Gorilla Change
    Favorite of all time: Clipshift color change

    Note: the clipshift is an intermediate - advanced sleight, for most people it takes about 6-10 months to master it, However I have done it for about a month and I think I've got it down very well
  4. Wow! Really?! It is a very cool, visual color change but I don't think it's personally my style. Gotta love the classics.
  5. Favorite to perform: cardini
    Best Reactions: clipshift
    Favorite method-wise: bertram
    Favorite of all time: cardini
  6. Favorite to Perform: My own.
    Best Reactions: Either my own or Erdnase Color Change. Those are my 2 favorites.
    Favorite Method Wise: My own.
    Favorite of all Time: Erdnase or again, My own.

  7. Edrnase seems to be popping up quite a lot. It deserves it though. It's a great change, the first one I ever learned back when I was nine and just starting magic.
  8. Other than this should be in the card magic forum, the DL and TC are far and away the best colour changes. As far as in response to your questions;
    Favourite to perform: either TC or my variation on the paint brush change.
    Best reactions: either TC or DL in the spectators hand or on the table.
    Favourite method wise: this one is tough becase they all have their pluses in terms of clever method definatly the clip shift is up there but all the work I have put into my top change I feel that is my favourite method.
    Favourite of all time: TC and DL

    I have very strict conditions as to what I am performing and ego changes and shapeshifters are nice but it still looks like I did something. I want the audience to believe that not only has nothing happened until I want it to but also there is no chance that sleight of hand could have taken place.
  9. And how is it that, with hundreds of color changes in existence, you think you can nail the absolute best two? The idea of a "best" anything is absurd. There are always better things for a variety of reasons. Every trick in the world has strengths and weaknesses and in certain circumstances is best replaced by others.

    Have favorites, but you will never find the "best."

  10. Classic change, done very very well.
  11. Lyle I understand I should have made some mention about it only being my opinion, I will stand by my argument on many grounds including difficulty impossible nature of the change and the psychological strength of the change.
  12. My favorite to perform: Twitch
    Best reactions: Depends on the mood of the atmosphere but probably twitch or El Cambio Nada
    Favorite method: Twitch
    Favorite of all time: El Cambio Nada

    Twitch is something you want to do at a party or something like that, a place with a lot of people and a lot of action, but say your at a fancy down to earth restaurant with a very relaxed mood, then you probably want to go with El Cambio Nada, but that may be just me.
  13. Hey Casey,

    Do you have any performances of this change? I would love to see it.
  14. Of course:


    Keep in mind this was back in 2010, but since then I've put a lot more work into it.

    And D ICE R, I do the DL all the time in the spectator's hand. How could that have passed me by? haha
  15. Would love to see a new performance of it! I've always loved this one, seriously good thinking.
  16. OMG Casey I REMEMBER YOUR AWESOME COLOUR CHANGE! Was it the on on your YouTube channel??

    That was the bomb man.
  17. Similar in a sense. Josh gives a credit to Joel in MAGIC Magazine. They both have their advantages: mine has a one-handed operation, it's more visual, and it doesn't leave a face-up card in the center of the deck. Joel's change is less angle sensitive and a bit easier to do.
  18. I would NOT be a good salesman if I didn't throw my own color change to the mix!


    But seriously, I have favorites, but I find it all very situational. I love Erdnase, Cardini, Spooner Change (GREAT for one or two people), Impulse Change, Shapeshifter...the list goes on and on...

    Color changes are near and dear to my heart and hands...and I love learning new ones every chance I get!



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