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  1. Hey Guys!
    Recently (the past several months) I've had a lot of time on my hands and have started to delve into the world of cardistry. Just out of curiosity and for the sake of discovering something new, What flourishes do you do the most, and what Cardists do you find yourself watching the most? Ill make a list of mine right here. I watch Zach Muellers videos a lot, and like a lot of his moves, such as http://www.theory11.com/wire/zach-mueller/seattleite/ (Seattleite) and Nevernude, of which i can do both pretty well. I also like Birger Karlsson (hope I'm spelling that right), Daniel Karlkvist, Daniel Hybrids, Franky Morales, and Connor O'Kane. What do you guys like?
  2. I really like Tobias' Huntington and Emento and Oliver's Maverick in terms of moves that I did not create.
  3. Daren Yeow of the Virts - his Squeeze Cut (must learn) and Mockingbird and Waterwheeel !, Huron Low of the Virts - his card twirl Firefly (the best dual card twirl you'll ever see) and Tornado VBH, Kevin Ho of the Virts - his moves Racoon, Backdrop, SATWOMB, Sick and Twisted Wings of the Mocking Bird, Dan & Dave - Pandora, Gyroscope, Jackson 5 and the Molecule Cuts Series, Andrei Jikh - Bullet and all moves utilizing it (you probably know why), Turbine and Cylinder, Dimitri Arleri - Moulin Rogue 1 & 2 and the Riffle Fan, Jaspas - Rainbow Spring and Jaspas Cut, Andrew Avilia - Prism Cuts, Chevron and 4A Sequence, Bone Ho- Anaconda Dribble & Eye Cut, Alejandro Portela- Mercedes Cut, Tobias Levin - Accrid, Rolling Stones and Phaced, the List goes on :D (so many names and moves, can't type more so im ending it)
  4. Where can I
    learn mercedes by alejandro portela?
  5. From Cardistry Con Bundle Tutorial
  6. Where did you learn Huron's Firefly and Tobias' Rolling Stones???

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