Favorite Magic Movie?

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Favorite magic movie

  1. The Prestige

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  2. The Illusionist

    2 vote(s)
  3. Now you see me

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  4. Others (comment if you choose)

    8 vote(s)
  1. Just what the title says... If doesn't match from the pole, comment. I'll go with The Prestige, and The Illusionist, The Prestige bring my absolute best. Nolan is a beast.
  2. The Prestige's my favourite too. It's absolutely amazing, thanks to Wolverine, Batman and Nolan. The pain, magic, beauty and danger shown there is just so real! (except for the last part, but we can let that slide maybe...)

    The ending does require some explanation though. Other than that, it's so much rewarding to watch it than NYSM, but still, both the NYSM movies are cool too. They're for a different kind of mood than Prestige, so the two can't really be compared. And also, they're predictable. Like come on, I knew Hulk was a suspicious character...

    Finally, for the record, my favourite movie about magic (ignoring what 'magic' we're talking about) will be Doctor Strange. :D
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  3. I love the Illusionist, the way the whole movie is structured like a trick, plus the homages to Robert-Houdin
  4. Yeah, thats really prevalent. Houdin played a big role in taking that form of magic to shere it is now. Movie was great too. By the way, in The Prestige, Borden's stage name was the Professor.
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  5. I love all the insider nods that have been included in these movies for the community.

    Like houdin’s orange tree, or using Vernon’s nickname as a stage name
  6. Prestige by a million. Was in my top 5 all time favorite movies before I even got into magic.

    While I can see and understand where people may have problems with it, such as some of the, err, sci fi elements. But even with that, it has SO many great quotes and amazing and powerful scenes thanks to the acting that one does not even need to have an interest in magic to enjoy it (much like the illusionist too, though I much prefer the prestige. though the illusionist may be more believable, the prestige was a much more powerful film for me.)
  7. Pedantic note - Technically the only 'magic' movie on there is The Illusionist.

    The Prestige is a rivalry movie. NYSM is a heist. I like them all, though.

    Another one/few - Shade (2003). Card cheat/con movie. The Great Buck Howard, I thought, was pretty good. Apparently Malkovich got Kreskin's personality pretty spot on. The Incredible Burt Wunderstone hit a little close to home in its parody-ing the magic world, sometimes I'm not even sure they even realized how accurate it actually was.
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  8. At that point wouldn't The Illusionist would be a star crossed lovers movie.
  9. Nope. The movie itself is a magic trick.
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  10. I think at that point it's just semantics. I mean, you could argue the whole prestige is a magic trick. Again, I liked both movies a lot. But when you get down to it I agree that the prestige isn't really a magic movie but a rivalry movie. And the Illusionist is essentially just a star crossed lovers story.

    But that's just how I see it. Was just curious where you made the distinction
  11. Christopher Booker said there are only 7 basic plots in story telling.

    There’s always going to be some crossover, because humans will always try to tell the most compelling stories, it’s only the framework that changes really
  12. Now You See Me, with the important caveat that the second one doesn't exist.

    I loved that film, and I was properly blown away how not completely awful it was. Then I watched the second one... Yikes.
  13. Yeah, calling card throwing cardistry lol. They put so many twists that the story became a hot mess.
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  14. Present day movies would have to be "Now You See Me". My reasoning is as a school teacher I have heard more students showing interest and talking about the NYSM 1 and 2 movies came out. My 8 year old was hooked in by the movie and is eating up magic at a vigorous rate now. As a 59 year old it was Tony Curtis' "Houdini".
  15. Without a doubt The Mad Magician staring horror movie legend Vincent Price. I have a mini poster of it up in my room.
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  16. The Incredible Burt Wunderstone! Such a great movie. That said, I love The Prestige too.

    If you're looking for some other Magic Movies (or want to add any, or reviews) https://illusionary.ca/entertainment/movies
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  17. Sleight is really really good. It came out a couple of years ago and was kind of under the radar but is very much worth checking out.
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  18. Without a doubt, Shade is one of my all time favs. Endless clever references and a great plot. Its more a "card sharp" movie I guess but definitely deserves a view. The Professor, Detective Scarne, just a few references off the top of my head. Been a while. I believe our friends R. Paul Wilson and Jason England performed many of the actual filmed card sleights. Outstanding stuff. Wilson is actually in the movie as a character.
  19. Not sure if any of you watched Penn review magic in movies, but he mentions that Burt Wonderstone is Tellers favorite magic movie LOL

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  20. My Favorite magic movie is The Illusionist. I like acting of Jessica Biel.

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