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  1. Okay, so who's your fave magician, and why? (you can have multiple favorites)
  2. No offense, but threads like these just seem to take up space and really don't hold a lot of value. I know you could just be trying to start some conversation, but these things seem to either die really quickly or deter attention away from other threads that have more important matters being discussed.
    Not trying to rant or bring you down, it's just these things get old fast, you know?
  3. Meh, I was bored and trying to start conversation. Sorry :(
  4. IF you want to chat you can send me a PM if you want. Also if you want to see some cool magic look up bebel magic he only speaks french though. ;x Also look up Jimmy Talksalot I enjoy watching his street show!
  5. I'm not trying to be harsh. Maybe rewording the question? Like "What magician's inspire you." "What's your performing style" or "Who do you model yourself after?" All seem to be better alternatives, plus it'll get conversation going and some good insight on different magicians. Instead of just "David Blaine because he got me started in magic..." and the conversation is now dead. Does that all make sense?
  6. Ok, I'll try to vive some useful information :)

    I think that the magicians that have influenced most in my magic are Danny Garcia, Dani DaOrtiz and Lennart Green. I use a lot of routines from a lot of differen magicians, but these 3 have changed the way I perform them. Danny's simple magic combined with psychologic influence from Dani and the sloppy style of Lennart, plus my own touch, of course! I've learned a lot from Jay Sankey too, even if it's kinda hard to admit it! Haha
  7. I am telling you Jimmy Talksalot is pretty cool! But he is a "Busker" or "Street Performer" So He might look the best but his patter is very entertaining... or I thought so!
  8. Criss Angel
  9. Exactly what I'm talking about.

    William, I looked up Jimmy, looks like lots of fun!
  10. I bet he's crying now because he lost his superior dogs if you know what I mean.
  11. u

    Jacob~ Awesome! He is like the only street performing magician I have seen that does not use the same cups and balls routine! So I really enjoy watching it! Oh and Sonny Holiday does some cigarette manipulation and rope stuff too if the street performers interest you. I even like watching the one man bands and human statues ... maybe I should just do that for a living haha!

    Alex~ I don't understand what you mean but listing our favorite magicians has been done a lot I suppose and It does not really go any where.
  12. Jimmy Talksalot is really good, Kozmo is as well. And there's a guy named Dante who does a pretty good busking act. I think we should keep the terms "busking" and "street magic" separate, as they refer to different things nowadays.

    All time favourite is Pop Haydn - if you get the chance to read his thinking on magic theory, it will make you see things in a whole new light.
  13. I'm probably the oddball here but Will Tsai has really influenced me a lot. His style of magic is really awe inspiring to me.
    Holely, WTF, and PhotoShop were some of my favorites.

    Daniel Madison has been my biggest inspiration, though. His card skills are bordering on the obscene. His book Anthology is full of things I think only he can pull off.
  14. Jerome Murat his performance is absolutely art. I also love Derren Brown and David Copperfield. To me these three create more of an emotional response to magic than anybody else I have seen. They all connect with an audience in a very unique way.

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