Favorite Out of This World Routine?

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  1. I know a couple OOTW routines but I'm not a huge fan of either as they all involve "indicator cards" and switching the colors halfway through. And one of them involves me dealing the cards and I don't use the full deck, which I don't like.

    I was wondering what everyone's favorite OOTW routine is and what the source is. I'm not asking for methods, just the sources.

    The conditions I'm looking for are:
    -no gimmicks
    -no indicator cards or switching the color
    -I don't have the deal the cards (I'm fine with touching them, just not doing the dealing for them)
  2. Paul Harris and Wyman Jones, "Galaxy" in The Art of Astonishment, Volume 3
    U.F. Grant and Eugene Burger, "Intimate Power Out of this World" in Mastering the Art of Magic
    John Armstrong, "Out of this Blah, Blah Blah" in Armstrong Card Magic Volume 3 DVD
    Roberto Giobbi, "Intuition", Card College Light

    All of those and more are in a book titled Best of All Worlds which is out of print but a great book to buy used.

    I have to pull the books (of just the one book) to give more detail on the effects. John Armstrong's Out of this Blah, Blah, Blah is the method used for French Postcards (which is my favorite presentation for the effect).
  3. I start with a shuffled deck. While it is face-up I use David's Cull. I then use the clean up in Art of Astonishment Volume 3.

    There's an impromptu version that I should look up the lineage on. It starts with a shuffled deck and you ask the spectator what color each card is, you then place the card down for them for the first half of the deck then you give them the deck to do the rest. I've seen Harry Lorayne credited with it as well as Ammar. This is good from a shuffled, and if you do the clean up in Galaxy you are good to go.

    I used to do the slop shuffle separation, as a quick trick and I'd separate the cards under the guise of doing a triumph like effect. Then I went into a Dani Daortiz version of Out of This World. It was found in the November 2011 issue of Genii. He teaches a psychological and somewhat bold clean up that I used for many years.

    Some times I will do Lenart Green's version which is taught by Larua London on her Penguin Act as well as on Lennart Green's Penguin Live lecture. It requires a faro shuffle, but it is very good if you want to involve two people.

    Similarly, Alex Pandrea has a version called over this world that is similar to Green's. With both of these, you actually are splitting the cards into three piles, one of reds one of blacks and the last of junk cards.
  4. Derren Brown’s version, in The Devil’s Picturebook, is great. I also like Lenard Green’s version.
  5. Rich Ferguson has an effect called “way out of this world” from the “this is mentalism” dvd by ellusionist. In my opinion this is the fairest, and cleanest version of this effect.
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