Favorite Packet Trick

Sep 1, 2007
One of my personal favorites is Dr. Daley's Last Trick. Some other great ones are the infamous Color Monte, Jumping Gemini is pretty good, and you can't go wrong with performing Twins.
Aug 31, 2007
I carry around Alex Elmsley's Four Card Trick in my wallet everyday for a reason. Simple, effective, no gimmicks at all, no extra cards, only 4 cards, has audience interaction in the form of a game, AND has an impossible back-colour changing ending. Plus, it uses only 1 or 2 sleights in the whole routine.

- harapan. magic!
I personally only perform 2 packet tricks that being:
Asher Twist

And since they both have their own unique standing it's hard to pick between them which is my favourite. I like my patter for 69 though, heh heh.

Sep 1, 2007
Michael Skinner's 3 card monte is awesome in my opinion.

I also love Paul Harris's Bizarre Twist, if that counts as a packet trick.
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