Favorite Ways to Ditch a Card?

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  1. Hey everyone! I’ll start by apologizing if this repeats an earlier thread of T11, I did a couple searches and didn’t find anything. Also, I hope this doesn’t doesn’t count as a discussion of methods by T11’s rules. I think I avoided discussing any specifics. Please make the same effort yourself if you choose to reply.

    I am curious to hear about people’s favorite methods for ditching a playing card (or getting pointed in the right direction), by which I mean getting a playing off of the table so that the deck and my hands can be inspected without finding the ditched card.

    Id be curious to hear any and all ideas on the topic, but I will lay out the situation I’m trying to resolve for a new part in my routine.

    First, I can expect to be seated at someone else’s table (no secret shelves or anything) with people seated around the table. I may be able to avoid one angle if necessary. The card I am hoping to ditch can either be in a sandwich between 2 jokers or on top or bottom of the deck or just openly in my hand. I wish to ditch the card, show that the card is gone, and have a duplicate show up in an impossible location.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative ideas! Thanks in advance!

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  2. 1. Palm it and then lap it or put it into your pocket when you go to take something out or put something back.
    2. Use a double faced card and turn it over in the deck (granted, they can only see one side of the deck).
    3. Use a gaff split faced card cut on the diagonal and turn it the other way of the spread.
    4. Use spray adhesive (stuff used for scrapbooking) on top card of deck, place selected card face down on top card so it sticks to that card and appears to be a single card.
    5. Use a pull, reel or IET
    6. Do a card to mouth but chew and then swallow.
    7. Put a piece of double stick gorilla tape on the back of your neck. Use a gambler's cop from the bottom and then ditch the card when rubbing the back of your neck.
    8. Use a gambler's cop or palm and then ditch the card under your arm while itching your armpit. Distract them by smelling your fingers afterward and saying "wow, time to take a shower." They are guaranteed not to want to check your arm pit for the card.
  3. I have used this and the results were amazing.

    I have used this but the results were not foolproof.

    I have used this and the results were disgusting.
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