Favorites in Wilson's complete course

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  1. I got the book today and want to know your favorites in this book. I am very excited to read it and expand my knowledge past cards.
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  2. The Slip Force, the Perfect Force; Short Card Force, The Bigger Card, Coin through Leg, Coin in Yarn Ball, Bill in Lemon, Cut and Restored Rope, Three Way Test, Center Tear, the Envelope Stand, Turned Up Glasses, The Sun and Moon, Wine Glass Production, Square Circle (still want to build one), Sponge Balls (but don't point), Billiard Balls (great ball roll, but again, don't point) and Cups & Balls, Curious Cabinet, Tip Over Trunk, Chapstick Caper and Tic Tac Toe.
  3. Sponge Balls! (Though not necessarily all the moves or the same style, more so taking the techniques and making my own routine
    , and also using it to figure out what things should be used where)
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  4. Challenge coin vanish (page 196).
    I believe it was originally created by Bobo, however it was revised and improved in this book. The best use of this trick is unleashed by Gregory Wilson.
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  5. What do you mean by don't point with sponge balls and billiard balls.
  6. I think we have different editions of the book.
  7. When Mark vanishes a coin or ball through a false put (as opposed to a false take) he says to point at the hand where the audience thinks the coin or ball should be. Although I agree with the concept of focusing the audience's attention, I think that the pointing is a little too much and it may make the audience suspicious. The better technique is to focus your attention on the hand where the coin or ball should be. Normally, I'll deliberately move that hand from the center of my body to the outside and follow that movement with my eyes. That movement and attention is away from the "dirty" hand that pauses for the movement of the other hand and then casually drops to the side.

    There also is also a Cyclopedia of Magic which is somewhat abridged.
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  8. I have "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic," but I couldn't find some of the things mentioned. Tic Tac Toe for instance. I went through the table of contents and didn't see it listed.
  9. Tic Tax Toe and Chapstick Caper are in the last section. I don't think they are in the Table of Contents.
  10. I will be cherishing this thread in the days to come.
    Thanks for asking this mate :) :) :)

    PS:-Of course I don't have faves since I don't have the book. Threfore, sorry if you feel I spammed you :)
  11. No worries. I'm glad this question can help others!
  12. Btw the Hindu control is by far the most underrated thing in the history of magic. Imo is far superior to the double undercut.
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