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  1. So what are your favourite coin routines?


    I have performed magic for a few years now and have mainly performed card tricks the whole time. I want to branch into other areas of magic.

    For now I am looking into coin magic. I have currently already got:
    Real coin magic by Benjamin Earl
    Murry mint - by the lengend that is Michael Murry
    Imagination coins - Garret Thomas

    I love Murry mint to death it is one of my favourite tricks I do.

    I am still working in the real coin magic material but it is beautifully simple

    Also I like imagination coins but I have done it a few times and it has gone wrong or people have seen thorough some of the methods.

    What are some coin routines, books or material that you like?

    As a note I mainly perform in, potentially loud, walk around environments so routines suited to this would be wonderful.

    Thank you!
  2. If you're starting out in coin magic you should get Modern Coin Magic by J. B. Bobo it has all the moves and different tricks you need starting out. My suggestions are: Coin Through Cup, Guess Which Hand, Copper\Silver (no gimmick version and version 1 and 2) , and Coin Through Table. But remember to study the basics before attempting any of these to get smother handling skills with the coin and to be able to back palm coins, load and steal coins, etc.
  3. Once you can give good performances with basics you should learn routines like Winged Silver, Hands Coin Matrix, Stand Up Flurry, and Multiple Coins through table.
  4. I love Coins Across
  5. I like David Regal's Clink (which I don't think is available anymore), Miser's Dream, Coins through Table, 3-Fly and Scotch & Soda.
  6. Wonderful advice. Are these routines found in bobo?
  7. I believe all the ones BigshotMagic mentioned are and a lot more. There are 236 tricks in Bobo's so you're bound to find something that tickles your fancy. Also if you prefer videos then the METAL trilogy by https://www.ellusionist.com/metal-dvd-by-eric-jones.html the first one is sleights, the second, tricks with no gaffs and the third is gaffs.
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  8. One of my favorites is Al Schneider's Matrix.

    It has a very simple plot, is very visual, is quick and to the point and best of all, unlike most coin routines, the magician seemingly doesn't touch the coins at all. Not touching the coins (or so it seems), removes any possible sleight of hand "trickery" from the mind of the spectator and leaves them mystified. I also like the concept of using cards and coins together because it can be used as a transition in a routine from cards to coins or vice versa.
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  9. (1) Matrix (with Matching Jumbo Coin Production kicker, followed by a one - coin routine with the jumbo coin, angles permitting)

    (2) Impromptu Coins Across, with borrowed quarters and a ring (Also a non-impromptu version where 4 coins magically travel from magician's hand to spectator's hand - uses 4 Kennedy half dollars and a Kennedy half dollar s _ e _ l)

    (3) Impromptu Coins and Ring through table, with borrowed quarters and a ring

    (4) Silver Copper Brass Transposition

    (5) "Change of a Dollar" (Production of 4 quarters or 10 dimes from borrowed dollar bill rolled into a cone and poured into the spectator's hands)

    (6) Scotch and Soda (Magician guesses which of the spectator's hands hold the "silver" coin; this is repeated until it is ultimately revealed that the copper coin has transformed into a quarter. Magician can't miss because spectator is holding a silver coin in each hand - half dollar in one hand, quarter in other)
  10. Dude I love Eric Jones! I will check that out!
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