Favourite deck?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Demagix, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, just another 'what are your thoughts' segment, What are your favourite decks in terms of:





    Thanks guys.
  2. So far, my favorite overall deck is my Blue Masters. :) ilovethem!
  3. A suggestion...

    Next time you do a thread of this series...please, try to be more creative...this kind of threads of "what`s your favorite deck/trick/magician/ etc...are terribly boring...and there are countless of them lost in the sea of threads...

    On topic: Propaganda...
  4. FOURNIER 605...
    although its hard to fan and spread but its AMAZING...^^
  5. Okay, if we're going to have this kind of a thread, can't we at least have a comment or two for each choice? Motivate the answers, that way it will at least be one step above a list thread.

    On topic: I can't really answer this in an exciting way, I own a few different types of decks but the only ones I've worked with long enough to comment on are regular Bicycles.
  6. Blue Masters, weehooo!!!

    Fanning: 9/10


    Spreading: 9/10

    Stock: 8/10

    Almost everything about them is perfect. The reason I gave the stock an 8/10 is because the deck seems terribly difficult to

    If I want a nice softer feel I would go with a standard Bee deck.

    I am yet to try out Blaine's decks and Asher's.
  7. Mine are the split spades mostly due to their durability.
  8. I've come to love Sentinels for flourishing. Once worn in they feel quite sticky which I like a lot, it gives more control for flourishes. Standard bikes will never be replaced for working though.
  9. DeckONE, just because they're like the sentinels and the faces look close to normal.

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