Favourite Playing Cards?

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  1. Hey,

    I don't have many cards and would like to get some more but don't know which are the best, most popular and cool. So could you please leave a list of your favourites
  2. Just to name a few.

    1. Monarchs
    2. Expert at the Card Table v2
    3. Tally Ho
    4. Smoke and Mirrors
    5. White Ghost
    6. Red Bee Stingers
    7. Magic-Con
    8. White Lions Series A Blue
  3. Awesome decks

    Here are just a few in no particular order

    Black arcane (by Ellusionist)
    Blind redux edition (by Big Blind Media)
    Blue artifice v1 (by Ellusionist)
    Players (by Daniel Madison)
    Sentinels (by Theory 11)

    Luke :)
  4. Tally Ho, Monarchs, Rebels, Smoke and Mirrors
  5. Some of my all time favorites, in no particular order:

    Tally Ho's (any version)
    Bicycles (any version)
    Smoke & Mirrors (any version)
    The Blue Crown (any version)
    Sultan Republic
    JAQK's (any version)
    Wynn's Tech Art (any version)

    They all look and feel completely different, I like to switch it up every day. :)

    Came across this recently, if you are looking for ideas: http://playingcards.wikidot.com/
  6. Here are some, in no particular order:

    Tally Ho or Bycicles.
    Smoke & Mirrors
    Bee Stingers
    Sentinels (my personal favorite)

    Hope I helped :)

  7. Tally Ho
    Bee Stingers
  8. I've noticed that tallys and S&Ms are rather popular, are there any in particular (v1,v2,v3 etc)
  9. Tally Ho, S&Ms I love the V3, ace fultons (if you want something very durable), and I absolutely love the Deck one from theory11
  10. As a working magician..it would be suicide to use a custom deck...so I use bycicle...

    But my favorite deck for flourishing and for me...is the shadow master...from Ellusionist..and from here...I loved Propaganda...bummer they don´t sell it anymore...
  11. Why would it be suicide? I've seen plenty of pros that use custom decks.

    If I ever do card work, it would be with the Artifice deck.
  12. To be honest, the main attraction when you first get into magic, is the craze is buying as many decks as you can, and getting all you can. The only deck of playing cards I believe you need, are bicycle standards, they handle well, and are cheap enough to have duplicates and extra cards.
    So in essence, if you have standards, just use them.
    Although whilst playing with cards that look the nicest, or handle the best. Theory11 monarchs are the best.
  13. Some people use the cards to enhance their character. Part of a costume, basically.
  14. good point ;)
  15. All decks commercially produced by magic companies are going to function basically the same way. Any perceived difference is a matter of personal preference. Magic isn't a popularity contest. It is about creating awe and wonder. Magic is about inspiring the imagination to accept that anything may be possible. Magic is not about who has what cool props or how many decks of cards sit on your shelf.

    To that extent it doesn't matter what props you use it only matters what experiences you leave your audiences with.
  16. I couldn't agree more! Great answer.
  17. i love:
    Players by daniel madison
    Silver monarchs
    Silver splitspades
    Luxury Crown
  18. Well, I don't want to be another D&D fanboy, but my favorite decks would have to be the Smoke and Mirrors v4-6 reprints.
    They handle beautifully. The thing is, Aristocrat stock paired with Linoid finish(nearly 100% sure it's linoid) is the perfect combination for both magic and cardistry. They look simple, yet elegant. Maybe it's just the metallic inks of the v4 and v5 that have me addicted.

    As far as unlimited decks, my go to's are usually Silver Monarchs, Titanium Tally Ho's, NOC, and Artifice V2.

  19. Do you think smoke and mirror are linoid or linen finish. ? Thanks
  20. Dan White used Theory 11's own Monarch deck on his special, "White Magic".

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