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  1. So, I am 37 years old. Loved sleight of hand for at least 20 years. I have always believed that this stuff was hidden from plain sight, and with me being a South African, there is no library where we can learn it.

    So comes the internet age, and I finally find it via Chris Ramsey (No idea how I stumbled upon his teachings), and realised that gosh darn nit, why have I not looked on the net for the secrets?!

    Either way, I started learning at the beginning of the year. I have been following RRTCM and have been able to do the non-sleight stuff like a wet leper, but it can be done. However, when it comes to sleights, I struggle. And badly.

    The issue with this is, I have been a guitarist for as long as I have known magic. I can play well. Learning new things is tough, but seriously not hard. And when I say well, I mean full Hendrix licks, including solo's, Metallica's backlogs etc. However, the dexterity I have in my hands, doe not translate to cards whatsoever. I look like a seal trying to handle a deck, even after 6 or so months. I cannot hold a tenkai palm without my hand feeling like my pinky is going to spasm out and release the card, as well as a double lift being folded like a book. Looks more like i'm splitting wood.

    For those that are older, and that are now at an acceptable level of proficiency, did any of you have this issue? If so, HOW LONG did it take to get fluidity in terms of the mechanics and performance? I am starting to think I just can't get this is my lifetime.

    Hence the thread...
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  2. My friend, were you working the fretboard like Hendrix after 6 months?

    I used to mountain bike. In the peak shape of my life I could take on any of my friends on the toughest hills and overtake them, beat them to the top without slowing down. I tried to beat one of them in a race in a swimming pool however, and couldn't even do one length without stopping for breath. I could do 100km on a bike, but barely jog for more than 500m.

    They're different muscles, different moves and different muscle memory. You shouldn't be looking at your current guitar skills for reasons as to why it's taking time, but think back to your days as a beginner strumming powerchords and remember how it took to improve.

    You'll get there, but it takes practice. Work on the simple stuff. Have you perfected the classic palm yet? Why move onto Tenkai without it?

    Maybe you're trying a tapping solo before you've even learnt pull-offs and hammer-ons.
  3. I understand what you are saying, and I fully agree with you.

    I just think that my hands should have some sort of muscle memory that could transpose itself to cards :) Do you know of any tapping tricks?

    You are right though, and I think my love for the art is making me wish I was way beyond where I am now. Especially after seeing 16 year olds doing far more than what I can do. Bloody youngins. Mind you, I see 13 year olds pulling off amazing licks on a guitar that I could only dream about at that age (This is purely on what we had vs what they have in terms of teaching).

    Thank you for bringing me back to earth my friend. I really do appreciate your time to respond. I shall sit with it, and work my way through RRTCM one move at a time.
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  4. For me the closest thing to guitar playing would be culling. I use 'David's Cull', it is more guitar like, but Roadrunner is good too.

    But first, pick up Card College if you can. It has more modern methods, techniques and instructions. This by itself should help. At our age there is no time for inferior source material. RRTCM is great to see if you are interested enough to commit. You are, and it is time to move on.

    As in the post above, you cannot equate a guitarist (you) learning new licks with a beginner learning chords, scales, and how to even hold the instrument. You have already become one with your guitar, once you become one with your deck of cards new sleights will become easier to pick up.

    Keep asking questions here, keep a fresh but slightly broken in deck handy, try out different types of cards for different tasks, use a bit of hand lotion or finger moistener (SortKwik etc.) but try not to gum up your cards too much, know that some things will be hard for your particular hands and keep at it, but also look for more manageable sleights. Some sleights must be modified to your hand geometry and others should be learned as written as much as possible. It can be difficult to know which is which, but always go back and check your finger positions against your source material.
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  5. This is the best advice.
  6. Lots of sleight of hand feels completely impossible for the first few months.

    This is the case even if you have been performing close-up card magic for years and you try to learn a new move. I am a full-time professional, and am more proficient than most magicians with a deck of cards, I still find moves that I try to learn that seem impossible. The reason, is that it's new. The best way to break into a new piece is with slow deliberate practice. Break down the move into chunks, practice them separately, then add them together.

    If you work at it you can do it. It doesn't surprise me at all that playing the guitar hasn't helped much to further your cards skills.
  7. That’s not the tenkai palm then, as the pinky is not involved.
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