Fellow magician's suggestions needed.

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  1. I have a stage performance would like the all of your suggestions on what tricks should I perform...im performing cardistry a bit ,sponge balls,etc...
    Send me detailed suggestions if possible (names of tricks will do).
    thanking you.
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  2. To be honest, one of my favorite tricks is doing an advanced Coin Matrix to fool the audience, and usually it gets a few gasps out of them too. I think its just a fun trick to perform in general and is both coin magic and cards if you are interested in those. Good luck with your performance though!
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  3. Thanks for your help and wishes !
  4. I love to perform rope tricks like the cut and restored rope and the Professors Nightmare. Easy to learn and more importantly easy to script a good story to go with the performance. Actually, as you probably already know, scripting the performance is much more important than what 'tricks' you perform or course this assumes you have fully learned the technique for all the tricks....Good Luck!
  5. You're sure it'll be visible? #thinkingemoji
  6. Perfect square, it is simple, and a complete show stopper.
  7. congratulations on your stage show. But honestly, shouldn't you have had a set/routine worked out before you agreed?
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