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Figurine - Card Flourishes


Elite Member
Oct 16, 2012
Very good!
That was amazing, I don't know that much about flourishing and cardistry yet but if I were you I would work on the speed right now cause you got really beautiful flourishes =)

Thanks - JokerZingo/Markus

Vinnie C.

cardistry moderator / t11
Aug 31, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
Not bad! Keep working on your smoothness and speed - both will come with continued practice.

Also, be careful with "Waiting Hand Syndrome" - the tendency for the non-dominant hand to awkwardly hang in place when the dominant hand is doing a move. It's best to either do something with the hand or remove it from the frame.

As for the video production quality, it's not bad, but could do with improvements here and there. Check out the sticky thread "How to Improve Your Videos Overnight" for tips on how to begin making those little improvements. :)

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