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Filler effects?

What are some of your favorite "filler" effects. Effects that happen in between your opener and your closer. I am trying to come up with some impromptu miracle material. Just the title, credits if you don't mind, and description would be amazing. thanks in advance.

I forgot to add in card effects only please.
Well, virtually anything really, but I think good filler needs to have some reason to it. A gambler routine such as the Invisible Palm (Paul Harris, Open Travelers, Larry Jennings) or even just using the 4for4 in a gambler theme would be quite good.

Feb 28, 2008
I'm a musician that's been doing magic for just about a year now and find it hard to have a set list of magic in comparison to a set list for music. Pacing performances seems a lot harder in magic than in music.

I've worked on a lot of the bigger effects I've purchased here (and other places) and think it would be a bit much to do so many big effects in a row.

Anyways... I usually do an ACR to start and then end with either distortion or Control or something like that.

In between those I usually do a transpo of some kind, a sandwich effect, a triumph, a deck colour change, Hypnovanish (it's a Jay Sankey coin vanish)... I dunno... that's all I got.
Jan 11, 2008
New york
Is "Filler" a real term?

Thats a suck term for my favorite part of performing. We all have 1 or 2 great opener's(maybe a deck production) and maybe 2 or 3 awesome possible closers(maybe a deck vanish). its this middle "Filler"part thats my favorite part.

No "Fillers" baby. every trick should be a masterpiece,or like a staircase getting higher and higher each masterpiece getting stronger and more "wow, now that one was crazier!"

Plant a duplicate card on someone. simple force latter on and you have a "Killer Filler" on your hands.
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Sep 1, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Here's a nice impromptu, no table routine:

  • Queens by Dan and Dave
  • Collectors by Benjamin Earl (using the queens from previous effect)
  • Catalyst by Peter Harrison
  • Mambo No. 5 by Oz Pearlman
  • Ambitious Card Routine (make your own)

Basically what I was going for was something impromptu and versatile that can be done with a borrowed deck. I start off with no selections (I hate starting with "pick a card"). Queens is a nice routine which shows your dexterity, skill and dedication to the art. I then goes on to a collectors routine requiring 3 selections (If there are only one or two spectators, then a sandwich with one selection can replace this bit). Then I move onto an impromptu, clean transposition effect followed by a fun cards across/card to pocket theme and finally finishing with an Ambitious card routine to leave the spectator with a souvenir of my performance. I hope you find this useful.

I know what you meant, but the term filler is usually reserved for material that fluffs up a performance without adding much to it.

You're asking for Middlers, routines that go in the middle of your opener and closer. Or Body routines, if you're inclined to take terms from English Lit.

Asking what our favorite routines are is like asking who we rooted for in the Democratic Primary; you'll get the info you asked for, but it probably makes little difference to you.

Your opener and closer, if you've got them (and it sounds like you do), will tell you what your middlers should be. If you produce the four aces or whatever, use them in your next routine. If you produce a coin from a piece of flash paper, then you should consider a coin routine to follow it up with.

Remember this old theatrical saying from Anton Chekhov: "One must not put a loaded rifle on the stage if no one is thinking of firing it." If magic is indeed theater in its own right, you'd do well to keep this in mind.

Jun 27, 2008
keep in mind that iv only been performing for 1 year. but i only like to do around three tricks in a routine. these cant be three ordinary tricks they have to be amazing, something that the spectator cant forget.
Here's a nice impromptu, no table routine:

  • Queens by Dan and Dave
  • Collectors by Benjamin Earl (using the queens from previous effect)
  • Catalyst by Peter Harrison
  • Mambo No. 5 by Oz Pearlman
  • Ambitious Card Routine (make your own)

That's an interesting routine... would you do Catalyst signed or unsigned? Are the effects linked together somehow or are they simply a collection of hard hitting magic moments?
May 13, 2008
St Albans, UK
If you know a trick that produces two four-of-a-kinds you should go into Reset or Jazz Aces. The tricks should flow nicely from one to the other.

Produce four aces ---> Collectors

Logic should guide your choice of tricks.
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