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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Long, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I just got Final Cut Pro, so I shot some footage to screw around with. This is what resulted. Hopefully my abominable cardistry skill will be compensated by the awesome music...

    Comments appreciated.
  2. Woah, all this time i thought you were asian lol. Nice editing too though.
  3. Nice looking video. :)
  4. Not the first time someone has thought that. But no, just a white Jew from the southern U.S., y'all.
  5. Can you help me with how to work with final cut express?


  6. I suppose. I don't know exactly how similar it is to FCP, but just pm me.
  7. I like it, makes me actually want to get something decent to edit with...
    And Awesome music :)
  8. Pretty sweet vid. Awesome editing!
  9. Yeah, they're called Home Video and they are many degrees of awesome. Check 'em out.
  10. That looked great!!=D
  11. Thanks, I really appreciate that.
  12. Pretty good.

  13. nicely done!
  14. See. Told ya you should have stuck to Longman. :)

    Seriously, I just got an HD video camera and have heard different things about different programs.

    Are you happy with this one? Would you look for more or less advanced?

    Can you touch on the difficulty level to learn it?

  15. Looks good for a first time out. However, it looks like every other card video out there right now. Try to find you own style yo.

    I suspect if you invest the time in video editing that you spent learning alla them flourishes, you could be a damn good video editor in the future. (That might sound dickish but it's not meant to)

    Also, maybe it's the hair and the filters, but you look like you could pass for a taller Prince. (The singer)
  16. Ouch. That hurts...
  17. Why? He might be 3 foot tall but he's hella talented. (And no I don't listen to his music)
  18. The director Kevin Smith has a great story about Prince having to shop in the boys section for some of his clothes.

    Bizzaro - You're a good man. You always give good advice to the kiddos and give honest feedback without being antagonistic. Hope Vegas is treating you right.
  19. wow you must be realy serious with your editing if you got final cut pro if im not wrong its like 300$+.
    yea you can see the results. very nice vid.
    once youll use all its features your vids are going to be in a new level of awesome.

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