Finding Chinese Coins

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Chicken, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Does anybody know where to get a decent chinese coin? I need them for spellbound type things so i only need one.

    I am talking about the magician's chinese coin, not the actual chinese currency.

  2. I have looked up Flipper coins on google and saw this guy HOLY BEEP to the power of 10000......
    he is extremly expensive...
    if you want a cheap chinesse coin I wold go with
    China Change you get two coins...
    1 us. shell and a really nice chinese coin and I bought mine for $15 at

    It's my local magic shop so if you order on line they will gaurentee you a sale of joyness, and no ripping off.
  3. You can get some at search for chinese currencies there and they will give you 10% discount for your next order. Also I forgot to mention about free shipping on all orders. Hope this helps.
  4. Most quality coin gaffs cost a lot. The reason is because they are a LOT harder to make. Unlike card gaffs which are usually printed or split, coin gaffs almsot always require hollowing out a coin or separating a coin.

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