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  1. Now i understand how to get the job. but its hard to find a restaurants. most of them here are franchised and not family owned.
    and i cant just drive around looking for family restaurants or small chains that would be interested.
    Is there any good way to find a list of restaurants like this in my area?
  2. Cars are not the only way of transportation.

    I´m afraid the only way to get the job in a restaurant is to go find the one you like by walking around...

    even if you get a list of restaurants, you still have to go and see them because maybe the name sound great but the place maybe sucks. you have to check out for inconveniences or things that might get in your way if you work there, maybe they have a rock band or events in a certain day of the week.

    don´t worry, walking is a great exercise!!! you might even get to perform on the streets and meet people
  3. Pay attention to the little streets you might walk on every day. There are probably 5 restaurants along those streets, you just never noticed them cuz you werent looking for them. You can also go into more busy streets. Remember, looks inbetween the Pizza Hut and the McDonalds. Small family owned restaurants are as easily seen as the big chain restaurants.
  4. So the question is will small family owned business have enough money to hire a magician? I am intersted because I know of a couple of family owned places in my area that I might try.


  5. first of all. its not a driving walking thing.
    the closest resturaunt to where i am is a good 20 min walk.
    and then its all highways
    so walking and finding one isnt the deal.
    im saying that most of the resturaunts on the main street are franchised.
    and i've looked for the smaller ones but i cant seem to find any.
  6. It wont matter if they have enough money, if you're good at persuasion then they will hire you. Charles Green III has an audio cd called Restaurant Magic Business which teaches you lots helpful ways to help you get a restaurant job.

    You're an entertainer. So if you're really good, you will attract more business. The people who you perform for wil tell their friends and everything and it mean great business for the restaurant. If you can communicate this to the owners, then they will be more than happy to hire a magician.

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