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  1. I'm interested in finger ring magic but only involving an ordinary ring. Theres the De'Ring DVD from De'vo but is there anything else that teaches finger ring magic?
  2. Well you can buy a Tarantula and levitate a ring, and then drop it on the spectator's finger...
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    If you look at the Tarbell books or study old-school thimble magic, you'll be able to adapt a lot of the sleights with normal finger rings. In fact, Garrett Thomas' Ring Thing makes use of an old thimble magic ruse, and it's one of the most visual ring effects you can perform. Similarly, I find that Gregory Wilson's Ring Fright from his On the Spot video gets some amusing reactions from laypeople. In effect, after having a borrowed ring shift from finger to finger, you accidentally throw it across the street only to have it reproduced on your finger again.

    If you're willing to put in the necessary work in arts&crafts, I've been a fan of Richard Sanders' effect, Interlace. A borrowed ring vanishes and is found looped on your shoelace. In fact, there are 100s of versions of Ring Flight that you should probably look into if ring magic's your new thing.

    Someone already mentioned Tarantula. If you're not a fan of reels, I recommend you just get a set of loops and perform a suspension using a borrowed wedding band. This is another reputation maker as well. Loops are extremely versatile anyway.

    Hope this gets you started.

  4. There's also Northbound by Sean Fields where you vanish a spectator's ring and it appears on your necklace.
  5. If you want you can get Villain by Kevin Parker amazing effect :p
  6. Ring Leader by Gregory Wilson is an awesome routine, but I only bought it because it was on sale. Unfortunately, and yes, I realized this before I bought it, you use this plush velvet cord, and I just don't think it looks right in the places where I normally perform (mainly school and at homes of family and friends). Obviously I can use a shoelace or whatever, but I agree with Greg in that it looks kind of cheap and just... not right for a ring effect like Ring Leader.

    Gregory Wilson also has Ring Fright, as previously mentioned, on On The Spot. Regardless of whether or not you're interested in Ring Fright, you should get On The Spot anyway. :)
  7. I don't know of an gimmicks involved, but there's "My Precious" on Vanishing.

    A note on De'ring, it's a great DVD with many applications. It can be used for lots of ring magic and it is all pure slight of hand. The stuff on there takes LOTS of practice to get down to a speed at which it can be performed. It can be very hard and daunting at first, but it pays off. It's also tons of fun to do with your hand when you are fidgeting.
  8. Ed Ellis has an effect called Ringnature where a rubberbanded spectator/s ring disappears only to find a signed selected card from a deck. You can check it out in the media section.

    Kris Nevling has an entire Ring and Rubberband routine called Band-It.
  9. Oh thank you for suggesting rubber bands as well! I forgot about Pinnacle by Russ Niedzwiecki. That's very fun to do and fairly easy to learn.
  10. Also, most sleights that you can do with a coin you can work into your ring magic. One of my favorites, and probably the easiest is to false xfer the ring and to reveal you slip it back on the xfering finger while tapping the xfered hand. It seems like the ring passed through the hand back onto the finger.
  11. This is a great post :) The Tarbell books are amazing, so is Tarantula, also like Sir FansAlot said a lot of coin stuff can be adjusted to suit it.
  12. Check out Gregory Wilson's ring routine from his In Action DVDs... it is my go to impromptu effect right now. VERY visual and full o plenty of humor if you want
  13. Ahh yess also Gregory Wilson's On The Spot! :)
  14. Only ring magic i do is a Ring Flight by Gaeton Bloom. Its some great magic. And i will Second Ed Eillis' ringature. Its a great piece of magic, probably the only thing worthwhile ive seen him present.
  15. I actually do quite a bit of finger ring magic.

    For close-up Ring Thing (Garrett Thomas) has been on of my go to effects for years. Floating Ring (Yigal Mesika) and Ring Flight (Dave Bonsall's Ring Flight Revolution) are also staples in my close-up repertoire.

    For stand-up and stage my favorite piece in my entire act is my Linking Finger Rings routine. I use Marc DeSouza's handling with the Porper ring.

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