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  1. Hey guys for once I’m not late on game-night!!!

    Anyway, this week should be... interesting...

    Finish this Analogy:

    _____ is to dog as _____ is to magician.

    As always be creative and have fun!!!
  2. Tail


    (You may may get dizzy chasing after it, but you are what you are and will never catch it:()
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  3. Vacuum

    Top change
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  4. Cat... Mentalist
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  5. Nose is to Dog as Cards should NOT be to Magicians.

    Dogs noses are usually cold and wet.... And we certainly don't want our cards to be that way.:D
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  6. Dog owner

    Mainstream magic/retailers
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Catching frisbee is to dog as performing hot shot is to magician.
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  9. Lamp Post ... rational thought
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  10. Well, ball is to dog as...well...ball is to magician. Along with some cups, of course...
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  11. Here's food for thought!

    A collar is to dog as rules are to magicians. #whenstuffrestrainsyou
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  12. Bone

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  13. You buried all your books too?
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  14. The pound

    Magic cafe.

    A place where those without a home go to bark around and do nothing productive

    *mic drop*
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