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    This is a method I came across, while fooling around with some FIRE. Not sure if it's been published, but its just for viewing pleasure! Enjoy!!!


    And ignore the Jonas Brothers music, at least it fit the occasion!

  2. Song choice=terrible. I know this is off topic but I hate singers who sound like they're whining.

    As for the effect, it's not very original at all. I see people do this with lighters all the time.
  3. Dude this lighter trick is older then my mom, look up lighting a cigarette with your fist. Or lighter hand fire ball.
  4. Oh lord my ears...They're bleeding...

    That aside. This isn't new in the least. Can't add much to what Ke'oke said. But this has been around pretty much since lighters were invented.

    ...I'm going to go kill myself now...Damn Jonas Brothers...
  5. Dont be ashamed if you like a certain type of band or song. Why should it matter what other people think about your music? Most people hate certain bands just because they are really popular and since teenage boys are so "rebellious" and sometimes so "underground" they go against it.
    Im indifferent to them actually. just another pop/rock band with catchy tunes.
    I rather listen to my beloved KillWhitneyDead or Andrea. bocelli.

    As for the effect,its an old one. Play with it and bring about something new for your spectators.
  6. Yea old trick, bad music. sorry lol

    i noticed your friends with blacktiger611 :rolleyes:
  7. Nothing new but if you find a good use for it than thats great.
  8. Guys, dont hate because of the song. I picked it because it was called "Burning Up". See? Burning up = fire? I cant believe you guys are hating because of the song choice. lame. However i said I knew it probably wasn't original but its for VIEWING PLEASURE. Read carefully next time. And thanks, I'll check into more lighter tricks...:)

  9. Just because the song fit the occasion, didn't mean you needed it. And we understand it was for viewing pleasure but we were just sharing out thoughts on it.
  10. i hate the jonas brothers with a passion of a thousand fires.
  11. My post was addressing you unsuredness of if this trick has "been published" I kindly pointed out that its older then my mom, and gave you resources to see other people who do this effect as well.

    Let me see these are my thoughts as I read your first post be for warned it may be harsh,
    "This is a method I came across while fooling around with FIRE" Oh geese kids are playing with fire again, probably going to be some flash paper effect, hope he gets burned. "Not sure if it's been published, but its just for viewing pleasure! Enjoy!!!"
    I am sure its been published before, do I really think someone here is going to break through and make something truly new and useful? No no I do not, its probably some zippo trick like twilight.


    ZAAAHH? Well throw me in a basket and shove sword in me, if this isn't going to involve a bic lighter, and a fist. Sorry not original, I must right a post to make that clear.

    I think I read carefully enough thanks for your advice, but may I suggest you use it yourself?
  12. Not going to turn this into a music debate, seeing as it's not a music forum, but being someone who is not particularly a Jonas Brother fan, but having a sister that is, I've actually been to a recent concert of theirs, and they give a show that all of us could learn from as performers.

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