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  1. Is Brilliant!-

    Got my copy of the T&R Project in the mail today and was able to watch all of Fire In the Hole (yes, including the credits and thank you's- I have no life)...Huron really understands the true meaning of magic. I actually turned the DVD off after the introduction where he explained the effect- I did not want to learn the method! The effect sounds and looks like a dream, something creators strive to create but few ever do. I did end up watching the rest of the DVD and the method is genius. This is the only T&R I own and I will not be purchasing any others...ever (well, you never know, but I'm very, very satisfied with this).

    I'll put my reviews up once I watch "Four" and read "0630".

    Huron, my hat comes off to you.
    ~David Rysin

    P.S. Thanks for signing it too!
  2. Man, so expensive. I guess it would be worth it, but too bad I dont have the cash.


    I really want that 0603.

    Have fun with this!
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    where do you live? I thought mine would come today, but was disappointed, hope i'll come tomorrow, I even did HW that I think I'd have to do tomorrow, hopefully I was right and I get the effect. and same here for some effects with me, I didn't want to learn the secret of TiVo 2.0 like for 5 days, aft er I bought the Trilogy, probably the same thing will happen for this, although no offense to FITH but I am waiting for Making ends Meet, Hotspot and 0630 a little more, probably because the trailers for those are more exciting, FITH's was kinda sad with all the melancholy music.

    Virus: A poor man can't afford cheap. good quote, very smart: because with this deal you save money, you spend money worth of 3 t'n'r effects bought seperately, while you get 5 with different handlings + 0630 which makes it 6, which is $15 per a t'n'r effect.

    PS yeah I am putting apostrophes there like in rock'n'roll, so that t'n'r whic is short for Torn and restored won't get confused with the actual effect TnR, I am trying to get that going, hope it'll catch on.
  4. man, i should have had Huron ship to my college address. He said it might take 2-3 weeks, which is why i had him send it to my home address. It's probably already there, argh. Just a few more days until i get home :D
  5. Argh!! Why isn't mine here yet!?!

    Control yoursef, Ryan.
  6. I live in MA. Trust me, Fire In the Hole is sick. I really just wanted to go out and punch someone right in the face after learning the method because he didn't say that he does it by real magic. The method is great and Huron put a LOT of time into this, which shows in his explanations. You can really have a spectator pick any card, sign it EVERYWHERE, then you can sign it everywhere/anywhere you want with the date, time, anything, they see you cutting out the signature of their choice, they see you putting that piece with their signature on it (which you can show to be their signature) into your pocket, and then next thing they know, it is restored and instantly given out for examination. That is of course as the spectator sees it, but it really is [almost] that clean and a true mindf*** (not the best). I love and hate Huron at the same time right now :D.

    Huron, you're a genius!
    ~David Rysin
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    this is some *******. I want my copy. Dang.......
  8. Wow. New Zealand got something first for once... :p

    By the way, if you havent seen it already, my FOUR review, I still need to type up Making Ends Meet thought, everything else is done.

    Cheers, Tom
  9. WOW Thanks David for that sweet sweet sweet review!
    I didn't notice this at all because it wasn't in the Product Review section but someone spotted it and linked me ...and damn this just made my night!!!

    I love it when I feel the effort I've put into something has really paid off.
    Thank you so much for the comments, They mean a lot to me and I'm glad you love the routines and ideas.

    I can't wait to read your reviews. Wow.

    Huron Low
  10. Huron I love you and hate you all at the same time, love-for releasing this effect, hate for releasing so damn late and it takes so long, and I didn't get it and I left for Christmas vacation already so I won't get it for another 2 weeks (although I know it's not your fault that the shipping is taking so long but still)
  11. hey
    no offense
    but please make this a review

    clean at the end
    how examinable

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