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  1. This might seem like a stupid, farfetched and outlandishly impossible question, but does anyone have any idea to produce fire...without a lighter? I've always been into using fire as a dramatic effect, flashpaper and what not. If anyone would like to throw around some ideas, I'm all ears.
  2. ehh...ask your chemistry teacher. im sure he knows some ways haha
    but then again i wouldnt try them if i were you
  3. A match! lol I'm not too fond about fire besides flash paper, flash cotton and all that other flash stuff they have. But I think smoke also adds some taste. If were one of the people who purchased Warning from E before they cancelled it, consider yourself lucky. That has got to be one of my favourites.
  4. I don't like warning. I didn't bother to buy it scince I knew how it was done already. but anyway. Buy a finger flasher....
  5. There was a gimmick a long time was called Inferno, I think?
  6. Fickle Fire, I own it, fun tool.

  7. You might want to check out Ultra Smoke 2000, its not fire, but its smoke that's produced more safely than Warning, though it is expensive.

  8. I've heard terrible things about US 2000.
  9. I actually have an ultrasmoke which is what brought up this subject regarding fire. By the way, my ultrasmoke is one of my most used tools! I actually did a little experiment. When you mix equal parts medicinal alcohol and water, you can burn things without...burning them. The water prevents the object from getting burned, and leaves the alcohol to burn off. Cool, huh? Try it with some paper some time. Just make sure you have equal parts water and alcohol. I even got daring and did it to my hand. It worked, but didn't burn for long.
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    I do not have it, but I've heard and read great things about it. I've seen Justin Miller use it time after time, with perfection.

    The only "terrible things" about it, to my knowledge, are its price and its contribution to global warming.:D

  11. I've been wanting to pick up US2K as well. To be honest, I almost did once, but I decided that a DVD with a ton of information on it would have been a better buy for the bucks.

    I also agree when you said that you've seen Justin Miller use it with perfection. The first time I saw the demo for Silver Dream I was astounded by the use of it.

    Maybe if we're lucky, Mr. Miller might pop on this thread and tell us about his experiances with it!

    Shane K.
  12. i think there is something called flame thrower(at least i think thats the name of it) and the guy went to light his cigarette but his lighter was dead the he used flamethrower and a huge flame shot from his bare hand

    thats the link and if it was wrong to post that go ahead and edit it
  13. I've heard that the secret that makes it work is very sticky, smells, won't wash off easily, is over priced, etc. etc.
  14. There's an effect called flare, but that's for lighting a cig. without a match. Potassium permangante + glycerin will create fire... not sure if that's what your looking for though.

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