First Edition Black Ghosts?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by cedwards90, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Anyone interested in selling any?
  2. checki ebay they have been going for like 50-100
  3. Just buy a ghost deck and paint it, no one will care.
  4. How brilliant! I'm going to do that right away and then sell it on eBay!
  5. yea it'd probably be the same quality...
  6. I have one in bolted case that i would sell for the right price. The deck has been opened however but not used. Opened purely because i wanted to see the cards and hadnt really intended to sell them.
  7. No offense, but that wasn't very smart. It's now probably worth about a tenth of what it could have been.
  8. I have an unopened regular deck of 1st Edition Black ghosts, if you want to match my price. PM Sent.
  9. I also have an unopened, factory sealed blah dee blahed first edition black ghost deck if anyone is interested. Name your price and I'm willing to sell!
  10. I already said i wasnt intending to sell it and so its 'worth' has no meaning to me. There are far greater things in life

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