first magic video ever, please leave some critics

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by kenblack, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. note that i'm not that skilled... YET :p
  2. oh and by the way i don't have any instructions on how to do this trick.. or how it should be done but i think this is pretty close with the original :>
  3. Okay I gotta say it was pretty good but one thing that made it look worse is you keep posting excuses, don't do that man don't run yourself down. Anyway the video was pretty cool for a first. :D
  4. err.. should i say instead that i am very good though im pretty good in reality but not THAT good. that was the point.
  5. No you should just let the trick speak for itself and let others say how good it is.
  6. Yeah I agree with Millionare Mike, just post the video ask for criticism and that's it.

    Alright so here's my thoughts, not very smooth as you were doing things that were unnecessary wasting time.

    Also you show the ace of spades, then do the double and show the jack of clubs, then you take off the top card and show the next three cards the second card being the jack of clubs. I realize this is the effect but I see many people catching onto something like that.

    When you had the "single" card flipping over the transpod jacks you flashed a bit when turning them over. Just work on keeping a firm clean grip.

    So you did pretty good, practice is the best remedy. I practice some of my moves fourty to sixty times a day for a straight week before I feel I show them even to my close friends or parents.
  7. ok thanks, i practiced this for about 4h before it started to go down smoothly.. now i've practiced the trick for 7h and it's a lot better.. i should have waited before sending the vid.
  8. It could use work as I'm sure you know, and you flashed your double at the end. Just work on making it smooth. LOVE the song choice, Moby's da man.
  9. thanks really much, afterall i made this vid for my friends mainly and the vid is sooooo blurry etc that i figured out that they really won't notice the flash on the double(as it was not so big flash). I've worked on this a couple of days now and it starts to look whole a lot different than it is on the video. A LOT smoother like you said.

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