First thing I have seen in a while that has fooled me...

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  1. Paul Cummins is just amazing in general. He has some of the best effects that are little known to new magicians. Everyone, check out Paul's material here:

    FASDIU (From A Shuffled Deck In Use) is one of Paul's critically acclaimed books. Make sure you buy that now, I guarantee you all will LOVE IT!

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    FASDIU and FASDIU II are both great. Paul Cummins is the man.

    Tap a Lack is very similar to Paul Vigil's Diplopia (also worth checking out). It's pretty much the same effect. iIt differs in only the use of one principle and a slight difference in terms of choosing a red or black card.

    Both use a standard shuffled deck too. Amazing effect and principle.
  3. i liked the effect but seemed kinda obvious to me. Plus im not a big fan of tricks where you scan through the deck... just seems... i dunno amateurish to me, not my style. Still for some would be a killer effect.
  4. That was a truly astounding trick. Didn't look like any forces or anything cause they themselves picked it and mixed it up without him ever touching the deck. Thanks for making me feel like a layman again!
  5. The scanning through the deck isn't necessary ;)
  6. really? even for the second part? if thats true than its far more bada$$ an effect than i thought. However i wonder why he would do it if its not necessary. I think it would be stronger without it.
  7. It's necessary FASDIU
  8. It's really not but it's the fairest way to do it. I've read Paul Vigil's .pdf and saw Paul Cummin's effect on a Joshua Jay DVD and thought there might be something missing from the .pdf.
  9. man the audience of L&L are gettin pretty hot haha
  10. haha you caught that too did you?

    good thing bill malone wasn't there he would have molested one of their hands
  11. My mistake. I jumped to a conclusion too quickly thinking it was similar to a method that I use (which doesn't require a deck scan). Yes, to do it FASDIU, you need to scan the deck like Paul did.
  12. It is a great trick, and for this version of the presentation, since it is FASDIU, it IS necessary to run through the deck. This is not really exposing anything.

    In any case, it does take quite a bit of practice to be able to do it that smoothly/ quickly under pressure. This is a very fun trick to do and it hits pretty hard when presented well.

    I also like doing this trick from a stacked deck.
  13. Mmm, it's great from a stack, or even with marked deck, but I like using this as a closer, and in my walk around set in which I use this, I get the audience to shuffle somewhere in the middle.

    and I don't use marked decks, but yeah, it's great.
  14. Maybe I'm getting old but what the heck is FASDIU??? LMAO.
  15. From A Shuffled Deck In Use which is the new term for a borrowed, unprepared, ungimmicked deck.
  16. I wonder what it feels like to be the principle is waaaaaay old.
  17. so old that hardly anyone knows about it. It's ancient.
  18. I never thought any different. Even most 'new' principles have existed in one form or another for years. Whenever I see a trick that fools me, I assume it's an old principle rather than a new one. The last two conventions I attended, the two tricks that fooled me the most were by John Lovick and Geoff Williams, and they used an age old mathematical idea and a key card respectively. Both these principles I have know since first starting magic (17 years ago!), but the framing was so good they flew right past me. Do I feel silly that to simple ideas fooled me? Not really, just made me re-evaluate how I was doing things. No shame in being fooled, I rather enjoy it actually and I know I certainly wouldn't be smug about never being fooled. If anything, magic would be ruined for me.

    I think what fooled me about this Paul Cummins trick is that I was waiting for a switch of the magicians chosen card, but then it didn't happen. Maybe my prior knowledge was working against me

    Anyway, I've just come out of a lecture, so I may be rambling on.... better get back to this lesson planning...



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