Five Second Magic Trick

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JJM10, May 21, 2009.

  1. Kind of repulsive but I guess it was funny. I laughed because it was just so
  2. Bahahahahahahahahahahah.

  3. ....thats just wow
  4. Seems llike a buck twins trick.
  5. Saw it before (Someone twitterted it. I forget who though) and I saw it like 10 times :p
  6. wow, haha that was so random. Enjoyed it though
  7. I laughed at the end just cuz it was so gross
  8. Ok it's not my fault!!!

    Nvm found it....

    Lmao wow!!!!!
  9. It's really not worth it...
    Unless you're DYING to see screaming pregnant women and bloody babies being eaten by their feet. :eek:
  10. Films like this are what "WTF's" are made for.

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    That was horrifically awesome. The palm was near invisible.
  12. Agreed. WTF. o_O
  13. Was that a Dan Sperry trick?

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