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  1. I have seen a few performance videos lately, and I notice the same problem. In the video recently posted in the media section, the spectator guesses the final reveal before it happens. There is still a great reaction, but I think the presentation should be changed a bit. I didn't like Kenner's reveal where you show the card before the spectator can answer your question (What card is in the middle?) My problem with this is that I like to build up the effect more. But if you show the top card to be a 3 and the bottom card to be a 4, then ask what card is in the middle, most intelligent know that it is not going to be the 5, so they can guess the outcome. I noticed this during a few of my performances as well.
    So here is a simple performance change. At the end, show the 3 to be on top, then turn it face down, show the 4 to be on bottom (cards may be different this is just an example) and turn it face down again, leave the middle card outjogged. Quickly square the cards and do a little snap or magical gesture, then fan them out and ask what card is in the middle. This way they still think they are playing around with the 3, 4 and 5. The reveal of their chosen card is a real shocker. I do this now and the reactions are even more incredible. Hope this helps. Feel free to dissagree as well.
  2. I agreed with you because if you(the magician) asks the audience what is their card, the reaction would not be strong as it would be. Sometimes, we like to build up the suspense up. I do the exact same way as yours.
  3. Nice addition. I like to play around with this effect as well. Something I tend to do is fan the deck out and ask them to pick the 5 (note you need to know where each card is). Whichever card they pick you flip over the 5 and say something like "no the five is over here, or yes this is the five." Do the same thing for the 4. I usually do a casual joke and ask them to finally pick out the 3, when they do...I tell them they are wrong and reveal their first selected card.

    It gets a better reaction, but this always depends on your style.
  4. I like that, I'll mess around with it
  5. The reason that I end it the way I do is I want the shock of the card changing. I have tried this effect many ways over the years and it seems to me that if I try to build it up you leave too much unneeded time misdirection and it weakens the effect of the dramatic change.

    Either way is fine. It is not about right or wrong it is about fitting your personality.

  6. How odd?

    5 Speed is an all-time favourite of mine. I still get that giddy feeling even when doing it, and I know what's going on...obviously. If the initial mess-up of not locating the correct card is played right and you then 'move on' to something else, and then perform that correctly (adding or changing it however you may wish) then you only have 3 cards in play and you are doing a completely different trick, so I'm amazed that a lot of people would instantly pick the original card from the previous trick?

    Very strange. They see the 2, 3, 4, 5 & Ace of spades, then the 2, 3, 4 & 5, then the 3, 4 & 5 over and over trying to spot the 3 and then all of a sudden after being shown the 4 & the 5, they name the Jack of Hearts (or whatever) as the last remaining card???


    Perhaps the people posting these videos aren't performing it very well, and / or haven't performed other things leading up to it very well either.

  7. I prefer your way, Chris, with slight modifications.

    I really sell the fact that I messed up the first trick and then move on to something else. I continue with the tone and speed of the Monte portion, so that it almost seems like it's just another "keep your eye on the # card". I've had incredible reactions with this modification, because it doesn't build to the revelation of the changed 5 - it kinda just happens out of nowhere.

    FANTASTIC effect. I highly recommend it.
  8. there's variation i've added to this... which is having a double for the 3 of spades. during the process of locating the A - 5 of spades i also flip over a double in the middle of the deck. (if i can't find the double i know they picked the 3 of spades. then you can reveal their card any method you choose. fast impromptu way would be with stigmata (WH).)

    during the part where the 3 moves all over, i'll set the premise that the 3 likes to change places with different cards, and it's not where you'd expect it to be. then when they choose the final 3 to be in the sandwich or anywhere in my hand, i'll point at the "3" in the sandwich and say "sometimes the three even likes to change places with cards from the rest of the deck.", then i ask them to spread the deck, they find the three has jumped back into the deck and switch places with another card, then i show the selected card to be in my hand sandwiched between the 4 and 5.

    it works for me =)
  9. Yeah, I was going to point this out. This spectators have no idea you plan to do something else, so you need to seem like everything just went down the tube, and your scrambling trying to perform something else. This will get the card they picked out of their head for a while.

    As for the change, it just hits em right between the eyes. If perfomred correctly, they should have no idea as to whats coming.
  10. I do it Chris' way and get great reactions. 'nuff said.
  11. -I have to agree with you!
    -5 Speed is probably one of my ultimate favorite trick.
    -No one has ever suspected the ending when I perform it, which makes the reactions great.
  12. well...

    The only times I've had people "correctly" guess the middle card, was because they knew I did magic. They had seen a bunch of my other card magic. And just by my rep, the girl muttered "well, it SHOULD be the three, but knowing you...its my king of clubs." (sad face) not the reaction I was going for.

    I try to get this one out fast. For my close up routines 5 speed is number three.
  13. You should have palmed the card and go "No, that cards in my pocket... *Shows card*" would have been an interesting twist.
  14. Agreed. This is where people mess the trick up- at the beginning. If the spectator thinks something is going to happen with their chosen card then they can guess the ending. If you sell the fact that you're not going to use their card and move on to another trick, even if they forget their card, when they see it again it's a huge shock. I believe its the beginning that sells the ending.

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