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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by yiliyao, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've been thinking about whether or not to get Five Speed by Chris Kenner.

    So I have a few questions, like the level of difficulty, is it impromptu or is there setup required. Also, is the teaching good?

    And most importantly, does it use gimmicks?

  2. it uses 1 small gimmick that you can have in your deck and will never be discovered even if they look through the deck. It is very easy, and the teaching is awesome.
  3. well im sure if they looked thru the deck there is a good possibility they could find the gimmick. but its a great trick. i sometimes use it if someone asks me to show them a trick. its a good hard hitting trick.
  4. There is a small gimmick but it's like really good. GET IT! And the trick itself is very easy. You'll get it fluent within a week.
  5. Like all Chris Kenners videos, the teaching is superb. There is a small gimmick and setup, but it's so minor you'll do it in 2secs, and the trick itself is fairly easy. IMO it was a great buy, one of my favorite tricks and I recommend getting it.
  6. Ok, thanks you guys!
  7. This is probably the best 1 on 1 in my opinion.
    If you get it tell us what you think
  8. I agree with everyone above and if I could add one thing, Ambitious card is one of my FAVORITE effects and anytime I have the "very small gimmick" in my deck I always follow up AC with 5-Speed, their signed card being the climax.

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